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Tension is very easy to absorb. Day-to-day rush and bustle become standard rhythms. Even the abrasive speed of images and information on television transmits a buzziness that is hard to shake off. Ours is a speedy world. And we often become slaves to it. Ease and well-being we long for, but they are hard to find. We can search the world and catch only glimpses. The only way to gain, and hold, such rewarding grace is by turning inward. Inside each one of us we have, born within, the source of balance and peace and well-being for which we yearn. Each and all of humanity has a built-in well-spring of relaxation, health and freedom. It’s part the life force in us. It’s the foundation on which we build joy and love.

To begin this journey towards balance and security, we must gain our self-realisation, a very singular experience with a thousand names. Every language, every society, has a label for the Realisation of the Self – enlightenment, moksha, union, illumination, rhu, yoga – but ultimately they are all one thing, the joining together of the essence of our being with the universal power of creation. It’s an on-going part of the “big bang” that started billions of years ago.

The experience of self-realisation is developed, deepened, given power to overcome problems, by meditation. And through Sahaja Yoga this self-realisation can be gained and the basics of profound meditation absorbed. In an almost effortless and inexpensive way (Sahaja Yoga does not charge) peace and well-being can be brought into day-to-day life.

The founder of Sahaja Yoga is Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Since 1970 She has been touring the world giving to those who seek it, self-realisation and knowledge of the techniques that bring about peace of mind, a deeper understanding of Divinity, health and a balanced life.

Self-realisation has been the aim of seekers for millennia. Until recently it was very hard to gain; sacrifice and many years’ dedication were required. But now, through the discoveries and grace of Shri Mataji, all that is needed are the desire for it and congenial circumstances. Once gained, this gift of self-realisation can be passed on to others. The more self-realised people there are in this world, the greater are the chances of peace, more relaxed life-styles, greater trust and collective respect.

Brian Bell

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