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Quotes from Shri Mataji on the significance of Light of Love

From Diwali Puja, Italy 1987

Today we have come here to celebrate a great festival of Deepavali, meaning the rows of lights, or the Festival of Lights. It was to celebrate the coronation of Shri Rama also, that is to say symbolically to celebrate the establishment of a kingdom which has a benevolent administration.

Diwali 1

Today I find all of you here as the lights sitting before Me and with these lights I feel the Deepavali really celebrated; I see the twinkling of those eyes, twinkling in the eye of that light which is within you. In the lamp of light we have to put something that is soft, like ghee; that’s something very mild and soft, is the love of our heart. And that burns to give this soothing light of love to others.

Such a person who has this light of love loves himself as well and emits love for others. I’ve been hearing about the way people used to torture themselves to become saintly. There’s no need at all for Sahaja Yogis, at all, to torture themselves. But to be the light of a higher magnitude they have to be full of love and this love they get it from where? You may say it is from Me. It’s true but the sap of the tree flows all over and all the tree must live together. Any leaf that wants to separate itself will die out. So it’s the collectivity which is going to make you grow. Any ideas which you have, which of… keeping yourself out, or preserving yourself out, or having your houses separate from the collectivity may be dangerous. The houses may be separate but they must be the houses of all the Sahaja Yogis. Anybody who comes to your house who is a Sahaja Yogi is owner of that house. That sort of a feeling should be developed. When the light you take out from one room to another room, it does not say ‘This is my room so I’ll give light, if I go to another room I will not give light.’


From Diwali Puja, California 2003

Today is a great day of Diwali. That means today is the great day, lights of your heart together, to make a greater light for the world to move in a proper direction. It’s a day of great joy and those who join in this are spreading also great joy. But the problems are there, as they say, but for us there is no problem because there is no darkness. We don’t see any darkness anywhere. We see lights and lights and lights.

Diwali 2Then what is the thing missing? Missing is our sincerity. We have to be very sincere with ourselves. Because it is not just a borrowed love or a borrowed joy, but it is from within the source it’s flowing, flowing and flowing. So that is to be awakened and that love should flow and our small petty things like jealousies and competitions and all those things which spoil us must be washed away and it can be washed if your heart is full of love. Today is a day of spreading love, light of love. So that everybody feels enlightened and happy and forgets his petty problems.

I am happy that you have been able to get some hall. It’s all luck that we got it. People were so much worried about getting a hall. But it had just happened. So we should know also that our destinies are also guided and looked after. We are already blessed people. There’s no doubt about it and we should not worry about small things and small matters. It will all work out very well, you will see, if you just leave it to your destiny which is very high, very great. With this your own destiny you will go very far. This is the promise of Diwali to you all – that you will reach highest and the noblest way of life. Every word I say will be there to prove what I say is there.

Whatever petty problems you have, they’ll all be washed off. All these are the messages from the Divine. You don’t have to worry about petty things, about money, about jobs. That’s not your job. Your destiny will work it out. You have a promise that you’ll be looked after. I hope you believe in that promise and are joyous in the highest way.

I bless you all from My heart, all of you, for a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

Thank you very much.


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