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The Legend of Dagad Trikon by Grégoire de Kalbermatten

“When Jonathan O’Lochan, Counselor at the U.S. embassy in Cairo first saw the small monkey perched on a branch of a nearby acacia tree, he thought that the cute little visitor was pleading for food so he threw it a banana. But, in his wildest dreams, he could never have guessed that the pleasing of this particular monkey was about to change his life.”

So begins The Legend of Dagad Trikon, an action-packed, good-versus-evil, fantasy thriller that embraces ten thousand years of history. Journeying through Africa, Europe, India and America, it tells of four prophecies hidden by the Avasthas, an enlightened race who vanished aeons ago.

Jonathan and his friends find themselves unwittingly on a search for the greatest prize that mankind can attain: the secret to how we can transcend the perceived limits of the human mind. The Legend of Dagad Trikon offers a precise explanation as to how this can happen and posits that this is at the heart of the Holy Grail myth.

No brief description can do justice to The Legend of Dagad Trikon. One may legitimately describe it as Tolkienesque, and there are certainly elements of CS Lewis in the writing. What one can say for sure, is that it is an utterly unique and rewarding reading experience, full of subtlety and nuance, something to be re-read and savoured many times.

560 pages, Limited edition hardcover, ISBN 1-932406-01-8

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Editor’s Note: “The Legend of Dagad Trikon by Grégoire de Kalbermatten has 32 copies remaining, and therefore the first print run is about to sell out. If you are interested in obtaining a first edition of this extraordinary novel, please order from

Please see what some readers have said:

“This is one of those rare books, like the master work of CS Lewis, which draw you in completely and compel you to participate with the protagonists on their amazing journey. Having heard such great things about the book from friends, I had very high expectations and I wasn’t disappointed. It was so enjoyable to be swept into such a captivating ‘reality’. Please let there be a sequel.”
Margaret Merga, Tasmania, Australia

The Legend of Dagad Trikon is a phenomenal read. The author is at his best explaining the battles, inner and outer, that we all face daily.”
John Schwartz, Maryland, USA

“I am eager to know the trick from the people who wrote that they make sure to read a few pages every day. I could not put it down until I finished it. It took almost a day to come back to the real life. Great book! Or may I call it a Legend? I am ready for a second go at it. Thanks to Mr. Grégoire.”
Vara Prasad Goluguri, Sweden

“This book is absolutely breathtaking. It is impossible to put down. It is something unlike anything else ever written before. The author brilliantly relates the connection of the underlying truths, hidden and forgotten, in different cultures over the world. The Legend of Dagad Trikon is deeply symbolic, and I feel that the author is describing something that is really happening here and now. As has been predicted, the time is approaching when religion and science will become one: no more believing, only knowledge through experience. I think this book is going to be a milestone in the evolution of Man’s ability to discover and use the full potential of the brain. The main characters in the book are discovering truths about the human race that have been, and are still today, forbidden to be spoken of in some places. An example is that no man or woman is higher than another; so no priests are necessary. Maybe this book is part of a silent revolution. It is incredible how subtle and intelligent the power from which he got his inspiration must be.

Thank you, Mr. Kalbermatten, for sharing this with us.” 
Tor Birkelund, Sweden

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