Jan 14, 2006

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Congratulations to Sir CP and Shri Mataji on their 59th Wedding Anniversary

Please note: Over 200 Congratulatory Emails were sent to Sir CP and Shri Mataji. We will be progressively adding emails to this page over the next few days.


Our Respected and Dearest Shri Mataji and Papaji,
Heartiest congratulations on your 59th wedding anniversary and many, many, many.........more to come forever!! We all love you and Papaji very much. You are the Devi, there are no words that can express our love and devotion at your Shri lotus feet. Thankyou Shri Mataji for everything. Thank you ...... Thankyou ...... Thankyou.....
Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Ki Jai!!

With love and surrender,
Toronto Collective, Canada
Ajay,Priti, Rishi and Krishan


Most beloved Mother,

Never did I speak to You directly before, except in my prayers. I wish to congratulate You and most respected Sir C.P. from my heart to your 59th wedding day. May all the marriages in Sahaja Yoga and the world come as close as possible to your example of pure and detached love.

May you be both healthy for all the time you will share your presence on earth with humanity,

I send my love and deepest repect from Stuttgart in Germany,

Divine Mother, in this day I give you my heart. I love you very much

Cosa linda!


Dear Mother and Sir CP,

Sashtang Pranam!!!

We, all the sahajayogis together with future Sahajayogi brothers and sisters from the Sahastrar of Virata (Uttaranchal) wish You a very happy and joyous 59th Marriage anniversary. Mother, since You are in Australia, the Mooladhara of Virata, please establish the Ganesh Principle in all of us so that our Kundalini is always in Sahastrar.

We know, we cannot give You anything because You are the Giver of all the powers & material. But we know by becoming Your able instruments of Truth we can make You feel joyous. So again we ask You to give us on this auspicious day all the powers of Love, Compassion, Companionship & understanding so that the world can understand You by seeing us.

Two lines for our Divine Mother:
Kuchh bhi na the jab tak Aap se na mile
Ab kuchh bhi apna na raha

Sara Jahan apna ho gaya hai
Ab paraya kisko kahen

Bless us all with Happy Married Lives……
....with lots and lots of love from Your children in India


Our dear and deeply beloved Parampuja Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and most highly respected Sir C.P.,

Please accept my sincerest felicitations on this Auspicious and Holy occasion of your 59th wedding anniversary.

We the Sahaja Yogis of the world desire and pray for your good health and long life and sincerely look forward to celebrating many, many more of your auspicious and blessed years together on this earth.

Your ever loving son, Steve from Vienna


Dear Sri Mataji

It has been you who has instilled in us the essence of the divine marriage and what it means to ascent.

Just as the sun and the moon need the compliment of each other, the sky and earth their meeting at the horizon, and the waves the shore to touch — so you have instilled in us the essence of the marriage of not just two hearts and two lives, but two kundalinis, perhaps two cities, two countries, two worlds or two universes.

You are the architect of so many wonderful marriages and now we give back to you and Sir CP a moment of awe, inspiration and deep regard for your marriage of a lifetime, one robust and strong enought to support your glorious advent, and the deeply cherished motherhood you have provided in our lives contimually.

Jai Sri Mataji

Drs Mary Ann and Reza Ghaffurian
Melbourne, Victoria


Most Respected Shri Mataji and Most Respected Shri Papaji,

All the Sahaja yogis and yoginis of Pune wish to offer our humblest greetings on the joyous occasion of the wedding anniversary.

We are very happy that the event is being celebrated with so much joy and are very happy on seeing your photographs which show you smiling and radiating in the pink of health with Shri Papaji besides you.

Deepest regards,

Suneel Janakwar


Most beloved Param Puja Shri Mataji and most respected Sir CP

It is with a great feeling of pride of being your children that we, the Sahaja Yogis from Germany, convey to You our most heartfelt love and congratulations for this remarkable wedding anniversary.

Your most auspicious marriage will ever serve as a role model and inspiration to all the couples and families in Sahaja Yoga, and April 7th should be celebrated amongst all of us as the day, where this most sacred institution of our Sahaj society should be honoured and worshipped.

With all our love and eternal gratitude for guiding us on the path of auspiciousness.

Yours, forever

Philipp - on behalf of SY Germany

South Africa

On the occasion of the 59th Wedding Anniversary of Our Divine Mother and Her Husband

We, the Yoginis and Yogis of South Africa, on the occasion of the 59th Wedding Anniversary of Our Divine Mother and Her Husband, wish to humbly honour and congratulate both Our Divine Mother and Her Husband on this auspicious celebration with the joy bestowed on us Her children, by Her Grace.

Our only wish is that Their Joy in marital bliss be extended to all Their Children and to flow to the whole world, which is beset with anguish and lack of love.

May this be a very special occasion to both Our Divine Mother and Her Husband in the land of Shri Ganesha, and may the Divine Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

On behalf of the National Collective leadership in South Africa and the whole collective of SY in South Africa,

Your son and servant,
Bokwe Mafuna (National Co-ordinator)



Most Beloved Sri Mataji and most Venerable Sir CP,

The Sahaja Yogis of Holland would like to take advantage of the most auspicious occasion of Your 59th Wedding Anniversary to send You Both our most heartfelt and loving congratulations.

We would like to thank You so much for giving us such a beautiful example of a happy and loving marriage.

It fills our hearts with a deep feeling of security, confidence and joy when we see You together.

Thank You for sharing so many moments of Your married life with us all, for devoting so much time to humanity and for showing us what selflessness, dedication and devotion really mean.

With all our love and best wishes for many more happy years together.
Your Sahaja Yoga children from Holland


Dearest Shri Mataji and Sir CP
It makes me very happy to have this opportunity to send you a letter on this occasion of your 59th Wedding Anniversary. I wish you all my love and thanks for all the hard work that has been produced from your union of marriage. You have shown us what marriage can be from the way you love each other. It gives me inspiration for that the gracious day when I too am blessed with someone to give love to. Every day since I have gotten my Self-Realization has been a blessed one. All I want to do is repay this gift from Shri Mataji with dedication in every waking moment as you have dedicated your lives to the message of love. I wish you many more happy and prosperous years!

Jason USA


Most beloved and respected Shri Mataji and Sir CP Srivastava,
On this most auspicious occasion of your 59th golden wedding anniversary, the Sahaja Yoga collectivity of Thailand would humbly like to express its most heartfelt congratulation to both of You as the most Divine and celestial couple the world has ever had the fortune to shelter.

We would like to wish you many many more years of love and togetherness, good health, prosperity and longevity.

May we take this occasion to thank You from the depth of our hearts for your invaluable contribution to the evolution and salvation of mankind. No words can describe our eternal gratitude to the tasks both of You have undertaken with selfless dedication and unmatched energy.

At Your Lotus Feet, we remain Your children for ever and ever.
Namaskar Shri Mataji

The Thai Sahaja Yoga collective
On behalf of Pascal Sreshthaputra,
JSM, Saraswati

Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine

Your Holiness Shri Adi Shakti Shri Mataji
Much-esteemed Sir C. P.

We, Your loving children, congratulate You from the bottom of all our hearts on the very beautiful occasion – the 59th Anniversary of Your Divine Wedding. You have shown to this world the example of Divine family relationships. You have brought to this world its salvation and the path of Truth. Your Marriage is the embodiment of Harmony, Understanding, Balance, and Love. The radiance of Your Divine Family is spreading throughout all the Universes. We humbly surrender to Your Holy Feet all our love, gratitude, and devotion. May all Your Divine visions get their complete fulfilment. We promise to do our best to become the best instruments to carry out Your Divine Will. Please let us stay forever as Your devoted and loving children who are bringing You not troubles but merely joy.

The Sahaja collectives of Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine.


Jay Shri Mataji!

Shri Mataji, You have come on this Earth by Your Grace to show us the long lost way back to the Divine. Your life is an example for all mankind to be followed and so is Your Marriage & Family life. Your children in Hungary congratulate to You and our Beloved Papaji on the auspicious ocasion of your 59th Marriage Anniversary. We all wish many many years to come to celebrate Your Marriage Anniversary.
Your children from Hungary

New Zealand

To our Holy Mother and Sir C.P.
On the auspicious occasion of Your 59th wedding anniversary. We, the Sahaja Yogis of New Zealand wish You both a most happy anniversary. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts that we can share this joyful evening with You via web cam. You have Blessed us with Your presence in Australia. By Your Grace may the world receive their Self-Realisation so they too can enjoy Your presence.

All our love
the New Zealand Sahaja Yoga Collective.



Heartly congratulations for special occasion of their 59th Wedding Anniversary. from Jamnagar collectivity.

Pray to Shree mataji,for long life of Shree Mataji & Sir (papaji)

Jamnagar sahaji's (GUJRAT)


Dearest Most Holy Mother and Sir CP,

Congratulations on this Auspicious day your 59th Wedding Anniversary

Here in Shanghai we wish you a most Wonderful, Joyful and Peaceful day..

Jai Shri Mataji!!!!
From Thelma and the Shanghai Collective:-)


Happy wedding aniversary!

Many, many best wishes to Her Holiness Shri Mataji and Sir C.P. Shrivastawa on this auspicious day of 7 th April.

Lots of love from your children from Spain.


Dear Holy Mother and Father,

The words are less to often describe our feelings. The same thing when we try to say what You have done for us all! Kindly, accept our well wishes coming from our hearts at this auspicious Day! May we all be in Your Attention, at Your Divine Lotus Feet - always and forever!

Kindest regards from Romania,

Elena-Annapurna, Sunita, Rajeshree and Razvan


Beloved Shri Mataji 
Most Respected Sir CP

We have been so privileged to be your hosts for the celebration of your 59th wedding anniversary.

You have demonstrated to us, and to the whole world, with your own loving and enduring marriage, that, despite all the forces to the contrary, the institution of marriage is still the cornerstone of a peaceful and civil society.

Your love and respect for each other, your exemplary  conduct and the high values you espouse, shall forever be our example and the standard to which we aspire

In congratulating you on this singular occasion, we acknowledge You, most dear Mother, as our Saviour and our Guide; and you beloved Papaji as the example of all manly virtues.

We thank you more than we can ever express with mere words, for the generosity you have shown us with your time in travelling to our distant land, and the wonderful experience of your company and that of your family, for longer than we ever dared contemplate

Please take with you the deepest and most abiding love and admiration from all of your family of Sahaja Yogis in Australia.

Michael Fogarty on behalf of the Australian Council.


To our Goddess and Divine Mother Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Nirmala Devi and Most Respected Sir CP,

The Sahaja Sangha of Malaysia join you and the world collective in celebrating the auspicious occasion of your 59th Wedding Anniversary. With full heart, we offer you this bouquet of flowers in celebration of the aesthetics, fragrance and joy of the many years of your union, and pray for many more hereafter. We also pray that we may imbibe within us even fragments of the growing love, tender care, deep respect and abiding peace and dignity that symbolize your union. It is indeed a shining example to us on the values on which our lives are based.

Humbly yours in love and respect,
Your children in Malaysia


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY from the New Jersey ashram

Pranam Shri Mataji. Respected Sir C.P. We are most grateful to our Australian brothers and sisters for giving the world this profound opportunity to convey our best wishes on this special occasion! We humbly thank you for bringing the world together in such a sweet and delightful way, and for enlightening our lives. Your adoring children, Jerry & Archana and Shantanu Ajay & Sarika Scott Karen HAPPY ANNIVERSARY - with all my LOVE Margarita Happy Anniversary! Mother of the world! Love, Benjamin & Ariane Mother, Source of Grace, Peace and Truth, we wish you Happy Anniversary!! Love, Oori & Barbara Happy Anniversary to our beloved Mother and to our beloved C.P. Papaji, from Mark and Linda Our joy overflows! Our love know no bounds! Happy Anniversary greetings to You, our Savior! Diana and Nisha...New York Dear Shri Mataji and Sir C.P. wish you a very very happy anniversary...Thank You for all the blessings you have showered on our lives...Washington DC


Please find attached herewith a congratulation card for Mother & Sir CP's 59th wedding anniversary.

With Love,
Jai Shri Mataji !

Nivrutti. (Montreal, Canada)


Dear Shri Mataji,

On this most auspicious day of Your 59th Wedding Anniversary we, Your children in Israel send You and our dear Papa Sir CP our heartiest wishes and congratulations !

With love and devotion !
Israeli collective


Dearest Sri Param Puja Sri Mataji, Dearest Sir CP Srivastava,

On the very special occasion of Your 59th Wedding Anniversary, we your children and Sahaja Yogis from Morocco, like to congratulate both of You for the 59th Year Wedding Celebration.

With our deepest devotion, gratitude, dedication, complete surrender and love.

Jai Sri Mataji

Moroccan Collektivity


Most Adored and Beloved Param Pujnia Shri Mataji and most respected Sir C.P, We send to You all our heart felt and sincere wishes on this great day as You celebrate your 59th wedding anniversary. We thank You for Your divine example and Your guidance which is such an inspiration for all of us.Our hearts are united in wishing You the most joyful of days - our gratitude and love stretch accross the seas to be with You as You celebrate. With all our love and all our devotion Your children of Genova


All the collectivity of Colombia wish from the depth oftheir heart all their best wishes in the most sacred and auspiciousoccasion of the celebration of the 59th Wedding Anniversary of Our DivineMother HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and dear Mr. CP.

All the sahaja yogis and yoginis desire to imbibewithin themselves such a tremendous example of life and qualities that OurDivine Mother and Sr. CP have shown during all their married life.

With all our love and devotion

From Marie LAure Cernay Colombia


Dearest Sri Param Puja Sri Mataji,
Dearest Sir CP Srivastava,

We your children and Sahaja yogis from Lebanon, like tocongratulate you for the 59th Year Wedding Celebration.

With our deepest devotion, gratitude, dedication, complete surrender and love to Your Holy Lotus Feet.

Jai Sri Mataji lebanon (middle east)

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Dear Shri Mataji & Sir CP,Surrendering at Your Lotus Feet, we, your children in Chennai, Tamil NAdu, India convey our best wishes to you on your wedding anniversary.Koti Koti Pranams,Your Children in Chennai

Austria and Malta

Most Beloved Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and venerated Sir C. P. Shrivastava! We humbly would like to offer our best wishes to the most joyous occasion of Your 59th Wedding Anniversary. We all bow to You and Your sacrificing work for the whole humanity, and we feel so blessed to be Your children. Today we promise to continue Your Divine work with all our capacities and strength and the knowledge that only You are the Doer and the Enjoyer forever. We wish You good health for countless more years in Your Divine Matrimony on this earth. Words are inadequate to express our thankfulness to You Shri Mataji and Sir C. P. From all our hearts Your Children from Austria and Malta


To our most dearest, loving and only one adorable shrimataji and Sir CP,

On this very special day, as you both celebrate your 59thwedding anniversary, our loving and warm thoughts are with you and wereally hope that we are near you to celebrate this auspicious moments and seekyour divine blessings. As they say, it is not the physical distance that isimportant, it is the actual closeness that you feel in your heart and soul thatis valued. Mother, each day, not a moment passes without our thoughts lingeringon you; today being a special day for you and Sir CP, we from the DubaiCollective take this opportunity to wish you and Sir CP a wonderful day and wewish to see many more years of the two of you together.

You are our parents in the true sense of the word, forwe can never see this love flowing even with our biological parents. Our lovefor you can never be described in words, for we feel it in our hearts and wefeel so proud to be your children and pray that we are always under the blissof your very divine presence and blessings.

With all our nirmal love
Dubai collective


BelovedShri Mataji,

Mosthonoured Sir C.P.,

Your couple is certainly the most auspicious and glorious couple of history. Indeed,you have devoted Your lives, energy, to transform oursociety into a new dimension of Love and Compassion.

In this auspicious occasion, the World Council and the Swiss Collective aresending to You their hearty congratulations,expressing at the same time a tremendous feeling of gratitude and thankfulness.

We wish that Youare going to keep on guiding us for ever for we need Your counsel, Yourguidance and Your inspiration.

With love and respect


Ukrainian Yuva Shakti Sangha

Our Divine parents!

We are Your children - Yuva Shakti of Ukraine, joining all the Universe in congratulating You with Your wedding anniversary! We humbly offer You a bouquet of our Sahasraras. Each their petal rejoices the bliss of Your Breathing! Your sacred marriage is an example for all of us and we wish You from all of our hearts that Your children became the perfect followers of Your pattern. Our only wish is to embody Your Love and that Love would shine through us as a strong and pure flow of Joy and Happiness!

with deep Love,
Your devoted children


Wedding and Anniversary

Most whorshipful Shri Mataji and dearest Sir CP, We join our brothers and sisters in Australia who bath in the bliss of the darshan of Our Most Sacred Mother to express an Ocean of gratitude on the auspicious occasion of your wedding anniversary. Shri Mataji, your uplifting of the mariage institution is a source of tremendous blessings for mankind. For the millenia to come you are the Comforter, the Councellor and the Redeemer while the fatherly dignity, guidance, support and kindness of Sir CP is an inspirational model and source of great pride and admiration for all of us.

with love and devotion
Grégoire de Kalbermatten and family

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Greeting to Mother
and Sir CP

With our brothers and sisters
Across the world;
We dance with hands held tight
And hearts wide open;
As we circle the world with love.

We pray
That on this day of celebration;
All the deities
Dance in jubilation
At our Mother‚s feet.;

We pray that all the flowers;
Don their greatest finery
And reveal their sweet perfume.
And the birds
Fill the air with their sweet song.

As all the choirs of angels
Come together in wishing
With all our love
Our Dear Mother and Sir CP
A beautiful 59th Wedding Anniversary