Jan 14, 2006

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Apr 7

Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

The occasion of the celebration of Shri Mataji's and Sir CP's 59th wedding anniversary was an occasion of great joy and happiness and of great significance where we could worship the most exalted example of the institution of marriage manifest as the Divine protective Power felt by all Sahaja Yogis.

What a night, what a night, what a wonderful night

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Mar 31

Night a Thousand Smiles - Shalivan New Year Celebrations

The evening unfolded such that the Divine blessed us with Her presence for the observance of Shalivan New Year. This night the Goddess seem most pleased, Shri Mataji was smiling and laughing throughout the evening softening our heart with Her love.

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Mar 22

Kalpana Didi leaves Australia

On Wednesday afternoon Kalpana Didi reluctantly said goodbye. She accepted a gift from the Yuva Shakti and bouquets of flowers. She thanked everyone for their love and attention, then after saying goodbye to Shri Mataji and Sir CP, left for the airport.

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Mar 21

Birthday Puja Speeches

On this day, the twenty-first of March, 2006, in the city of Sydney, on the occasion of the most auspicious Birthday Puja Celebration of our Divine Mother, our God Almighty, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi; to-night we the Sahaja Yogis of the world offer our heartfelt praises to Shri Mataji...

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Mar 21

Birthday Puja at Darling Harbour, Sydney

A four day celebration culminated in a grand finale with Our Holy Mother and Her husband, Sir CP, Sadhana Didi and Kalpana Didi all attending the 2006 Birthday Celebration Puja at the Grand Hall in the Convention Centre at Darling Harbour in Sydney.

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Mar 18-21

Birthday Puja Seminar at Balmoral

The Australian and International yogis who attended the four day pre-Puja celebrations at Shri Mataji’s Australian National Country Property at Balmoral were all delighted with the arrangements Our Holy Mother had orchestrated for their enjoyment

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Mar 14

Holi Celebrations at Burwood

The bhajan group played throughout as the air became thick with coloured dust, some of which hit its mark, most however did not.

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Mar 11

Bhajans at Mother's Feet

Seven days after the puja, Shri Shiva Shakti blessed us with Her presence during an evening with all the little Ganeshas.

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Mar 11

Harmony Day Celebrations

On Sunday March 11th we had a wonderful opportunity to have a meditation stall and take part in a concert at Harmony Day sponsed by the Ryde Council.

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Mar 8

International Womens Day

Seven days after the puja, Shri March 8th is recognised around the world as International Women’s Day. It is a special day for celebrating the significant economic, social, cultural, educational and political achievements of women.

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Mar 5

Childrens Party in the Garden

Seven days after the puja, Shri Shiva Shakti blessed us with Her presence during an evening with all the little Ganeshas.

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Mar 4

Spontaneous Bhajans at Burwood

Saturday morning 2.30am at Shri Mother's home in Sydney, Australia.

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Feb 27

Shivrati Puja Weekend

Over the last two years the Balmoral Country Property has been evolving from a rough old farm into a venue worthy of Puja to the Goddess.

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Feb 11

Sahaja Yoga 25th Anniversary Celebratory Dinner

Another Day In Paradise. More than 50 prominent people gathered at the Sydney residence of Shri Mataji and Sir CP on Sat,  Feb 11  for a special dinner to celebrate 25 years of Sahaja Yoga in Australia.

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Feb 10

Sadhana Didi’s wedding anniversary

On 10th of February a spontaneous presentation of music was offered to Shri Mataji and Her family in celebration of Sadhana didi’s 35th wedding anniversary. Large numbers of Sahaja Yogis arrived at Shri Mataji’s house.

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Feb 6

Sydney Town Hall Public Program

Who would ever have imagined Sir CP addressing a crowd of over 1,600 seekers at Sydney Town Hall and referring to Shri Mataji as the Goddess as She sat before them?…

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Feb 4

Sadhana Didi’s birthday celebrations

Shri Mataji allowed the children to come to Her house to celebrate Sadhana didi’s birthday. What could be better for children than a birthday party?

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Jan 29

Sir CP interviewed by Indian Press

Spiritualism and other isms are not holding back India

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Jan 26

India Republic Day & Australia Day Music Program

A musical celebration attended by Shri Mataji, Sir CP Srivastava and Sadhana Didi. Music of Joy performed the national anthems of both India and Australia, as they share the same national day, January 26.

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Jan 26

Republic Day celebrations at the Indian Consul

Sir CP Shrivastava was the guest of honour at the Republic Day celebrations at the Consul General's house and grounds in Killara, in Northern Sydney.

Jan 23

25th Anniversary Program

A special evening welcoming and honouring Shri Mataji and her husband, Sir CP Srivastava KCMG. .

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Jan 20

Sir CP Srivastava addresses the Burwood builders, architects and decorators.

Tonight members of the Sydney collective associated with the renovations of the Burwood Ashram gathered to meet with Sir CP who wished to thank them for all that has been done in preparing their home. What began as a small gathering began to swell as architects, builders, engineers, artists, interior designers and an army of labourers assembled in the former meditation room which is now serving as their extended living room.

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Jan 19

First 24 hours in Australia

Shri Mataji and Her family arrived in Australia on January 14th on a warm summer's night. We had arranged a special VIP room within  Sydney Airport to receive Her party so She could rest during the  normal processing of documents.

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Jan 16

Puja details announced »

Jan 14

Welcome to Shri Mataji: This is one of the most auspicious occasions for our country when we can welcome back to the Land of Shri Ganesha Param Puja Shri Mataji the all-powerful creator and supporter of the Universe. We all the Sahaja Yogis of the Mooladhara welcome You, respected Sir CP, and Sadana Didi to our country and to your home for the next six weeks.

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