Jan 14, 2006

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Night of a Thousand Smiles - Shalivan New Year Celebrations

The evening unfolded such that the Divine blessed us with Her presence for the observance of Shalivan New Year. This night the Goddess seem most pleased, Shri Mataji was smiling and laughing throughout the evening softening our heart with Her love.

 The evening began with the welcome by Dr Bogdan who explained the traditions of  Hindu New Year which marks the great historical occasion many centuries ago when Shalivan Salk created a living army by breathing life into clay figures, using it to establish his empire . He said similarly Shri Mataji had breathed life into each of us giving us all a new life full of spiritual meaning and purpose. He also explained  the meaning of draped flags with the kumba representing the kundalini placed above, with the flag pointing towards the Earth, the only flag so directed  indicating humility

We asked Shri Mataji if She would allow us to offer to Her Puja at Her lotus feet in Her honour,  and we were so blessed whereby we were allowed a chance to further purify our inner nature.  This was another  most auspicious occasion  whereby Our Mother allowed us to worship Her. We asked that we performed Her Puja and  worship with purity, sincerity and devotion in the knowledge that Shri Mataji  will bless us with the knowledge, the peace and the joy that knows no end. Throughout the evening Her beaming face was smiling and laughing,  it was surely the night of a thousand smiles.

For the event we had invited all the Sahaja Yogis from the outlying regional and country areas, those who perhaps had  not had an opportunity to come to worship Shri Mataji in person. The Puja began with Yogis corresponding to the major regional and country areas presenting flowers to Shri Mataji. The Goddess Feet were perfumed and decorated  with kumkum and flowers, fruits,  prasad and offerings made during which time bhajans sung in praise of our creator were sung.  This worship shows us all a glimpse of the way to lead a Sahaj life in such a way as to make our life a real and practical worship and adoration of the Divine Mother.  It reveals the secret of rising from untruth and mortality unto the grand realm of light, truth, and everlasting life.

This Puja was an adoration of Shri Mataji, the Divine Mother of all things,  the glory of the supreme sovereign of the universe made manifest  in this world of creation.  As the creator Shri Mataji is the preserver  of the universe, the one God who is revealed as Adi Shakti,  the sum total of all knowledge, will and action, visible and felt as well as invisible and beyond comprehension.

The whole universe is the manifestation of the richness and the glory of Shri Mataji  Our  creator who hails beyond the luminaries of heaven.  

Photos of Shalivan New Year Celebrations

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