Jan 14, 2006

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Birthday Puja Speeches by the Australian Council of behalf of the Australian Yogis

Sydney, 21st March, 2006


World & Australia Council Speech

On behalf of the World Council, Dr. Bohdan and I would like to welcome everyone here for the Celebration.

On this day, the twenty-first of March, 2006, in the city of Sydney, on the occasion of the most auspicious Birthday Puja Celebration of our Divine Mother, our God Almighty, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi; to-night we the Sahaja Yogis of the world offer our heartfelt praises to Shri Mataji, Who incarnated on this day eighty-three years ago, in order to save the world, and to help mankind find the path to the true meaning of his existence.

Shri Mataji, may You, the immaculate Queen of Heaven, may You always reign supreme over us all, now and forever. Shri Mataji, You are the Goddess of all creation. You are the Primordial Power of the universe. All praises to You, Shri Mataji, from all Your children gathered here from all over the world, live around the world; to You, Shri Mataji, the Immaculate One. You are the Goddess of all Power, the Goddess of all Love, the God of all humanity, of all spiritual salvation, Parampuja Shri Mataji. With Your Love all our souls are filled. Your Almighty Power has made this universe, which is less than a speck of dust upon Your Blessed Feet. Your gracious Mercy keeps us within Your Heart. By morning's glow or evening's shade Your watchful Eye never sleeps, and ever guards over us all. By Your Grace all is just, all is made right, and to You, the Almighty Goddess, we give You all our humble praises, glory and supplication.

Shri Mataji, on this day of Your Advent, we ask that You may never be far away, but through all this life and all of our lives to come, please be ever-present with us. Please be our everlasting peace and joy, as with a Mother's tender Hand, please gently lead us, please save us, please guide us, and please protect us ever, Shri Mataji. For all our life we sing aloud Thy praises, that the Earth and the peoples of all nations may hear the grateful song of our voices, and our unwearied praises to You, joyfully singing within our heart.

On this day of the celebration of Your Birthday, Shri Mataji, in the land of Your Son, Shri Ganesha, we proclaim to the world that let all mankind come to You in Your Holy Name, and to join this holy Family, and to give You praise and glory. Let all Sahaja Yogis who have felt Your Love and Power on this day proclaim also to the world the wondrous story of Your Advent.

Parampuja Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has ascended Her Throne, for She is the Lord, above all, the supreme Power of this universe.

Jai Shri Mataji!


Australian Council Speech

So now we have the gift from New South Wales. Just a couple of important things to say with regard to this gift, and to put it in context.

So we were faced with two important and difficult problems. The first problem of course was, Shri Mataji, Sir C.P., Kalpana Didi, Sadhana Didi, what do we offer the Adi Shakti, Her husband and Her daughters that they don't already have? That was the first thing that we really had to surmount

The second thing, which is a little more weighty, is that, Papaji, beloved elder sisters, in the mid-2005, the great experiment in human consciousness that is Sahaja Yoga, created by our beloved Shri Mataji, entered into a crisis. This same crisis has occurred throughout the history of religions, when the Prophet withdraws from worldly involvement, and the forces of evil attempt to hijack the Movement and obstruct the evolution of humanity.

But for the first time, this attempt completely failed. Why is that? Because you, Papaji, chose to step between Sahaja Yoga and the precipice. You were Shri Mataji's chosen instrument to thwart the forces of ignorance. We owe you an eternal debt of gratitude.

So, the solution to these two problems: what do we give the beings who already have everything, and what do we give the beings to whom we owe everything?

There is one thing that we can offer: our love, our loyalty and our everlasting thankfulness.

So to symbolise this, we present to each of you the keys to our hearts. And in fact, each one of these silver hearts contains the keys to our hearts and Shri Mataji's house and Temple here in Sydney. Everywhere in the world and the Yogis in Australia, you will always be loved and supported. And now, with the keys to this house, you will always be welcome. You don't even have to wait for an invitation!

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