Jan 14, 2006

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Welcome Shri Mataji!

This is one of the most auspicious occasions for our country when we can welcome back to the Land of Shri Ganesha Param Puja Shri Mataji the all-powerful creator and supporter of the Universe. We all the Sahaja Yogis of the Mooladhara welcome You, respected Sir CP, and Sadana Didi to our country and to your home for the next six weeks.

For many long years our country has been in the grips of a drought, the lack of nurturing rains has turned the land brown and gray and made it almost lifeless, and then when the great news first came of your return to us then the rains also returned as herald to this great news, and the land has similarly been transformed and made green, lush, and vibrant, and so our hearts which have thirsted for your love have been similarly transformed, made green and lush, and made anew with your life sustaining love.

Shri Mataji, It has been 10 long years since your Feet last graced our shores, and every place where Your feet touch becomes Holy ground, it is our desire that during your time with us that our whole country will be raised up as a temple to Your glory. Shri Mataji our greatest blessing is that we have been blessed to be born as your children and at times we have acted like children bringing things before you, but now perhaps we have grown a little and now we only wish to offer you the love of a united and harmonious collective free of anything of concern, only united in that desire to create an environment of beauty, serenity, and tranquility where you can be at peace.

The day of your arrival is the 14th of January and this is the day of Sankranti, which is the celebration of the movement of the sun into the north, a time of great meeting, to propitiate the gods, to welcome the sun, our much loved star, the sustainer power of life, the provider of all nourishment and growth, but what is the movement of the sun into the north compared to the movement of the creator of the sun, the earth, the stars, the entire Universe, the creatrix who has given spiritual meaning and understand to the Universe the All powerful Adi Shakti who has on this day moved to the south, this day will always be celebrated by us all as the day when Our Mother returned to us once more.

We welcome also one of the most dignified, noble, and decorated individuals ever to grace our shores in Sir CP Srivastava, the first Indian to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth, a man who has been lauded and decorated by countless nations and who is much loved by all Sahaja Yogis of the world. His contributions to the realm of secular world affairs is well documented, his work in support of the WCASY and Australian Council is no less noteworthy and has helped secure the vision of the Divine and the future of Sahaja Yoga. Sir CP, we welcomed you back to our country after 10 years ago, our earnest hope is that we will not have to wait so long again to welcome you home again.

This occasion for us is much like a family reunion, we welcome Our beloved Mother home again, Our respected Father is also made welcome, and we also welcome our Didi, dear Sadhana Didi, most venerable lady, we have long admired your beauty from afar and it is privilege for us all to welcome Didi for the first time, and we are so looking forward to being able to spend some time in your company over the next six weeks.

Australia is a country not often noted for its culture, it is a relatively young country whose traditions are perhaps not so well formed, so please forgive us for any mistakes or shortcomings in our care of you. Over the last nine weeks Sahaja Yogis from every corner of our country and New Zealand have come and have poured their love into every corner of the house, and if there is anything pleasing in what has been done then all credit must go to our beloved Mother the wellspring of all that is good and worthy and beautiful in all that is done.

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