Jan 14, 2006

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Farewell Speeches, Sydney Airport

On behalf of the Australian Collective we thank You Shri Mataji, Sir CP, and Kalpana and Sadhana Didi for spending the last three months with us, times have overtaken us, it has passed so fast, but these have been the best of all imaginable days for the days of heaven we have all lived, and we have told the world, that indeed God is upon the Earth, and we rediscovered that we are all one family, to never know fear, nor doubt,  for we have been given something which can never be lost  that we will ever walk in Your grace and never will we forget these golden days of our life  No end shall come to these days for they will endure in our hearts till ages end,  we shall remember, we will never forget our promise to always welcome You home.

Almost 10 years ago we last said farewell to You Shri Mataji and since that time we had all been silently waiting and praying for Your return, never finding anything else more fulfilling than to call Your name. We had been waiting for You and then You returned to us,  and for the last three months we have been living in heaven where we have heard angels sing Your name,  we have heard Your voice, seen Your face and nothing  else is as beautiful.

Many can only imagine what it will be like when their eyes will see the Face of God before them, surrounded by Your Glory Shri Mataji they can only imagine the glory our hearts now feel, Your awe which fills us when we are still, or on bended knee, Your grace fills the Earth as we offer our pranams and prayers and affirm that You are the Lord Almighty, and we lay down our life to You. It is like living within a chapter of the Bible, the Ramayana, or the Bagavan Gita living with the Lord during the days when God incarnated upon the Earth, such have each of us been blessed.

Each one of us has been filled with Your Love, artist, musician, doctor, nurse, builder, painter, technician, man, woman and child every desire has been fulfilled so what is left to be done yet that now we shall commit to take all that we have been given and to share this with the world so when You return there will be many more Sahaja Yogis here to welcome You

Shri Mataji You made sacred and holy  every place Your feet has touched. We felt the earth move under our feet to match our trembling heart. When we beheld the face of God, our joy has filled our land and we will never forget,   Mother please hold us in Your heart always

Shri Mataji wherever You led we will follow, how far You have traveled but no more shall You walk alone, we are bound to follow wherever You shall led us may it be that wherever You journey to, there the light of all Sahaja Yogis will gather to serve You.

The time is not to say goodbye as You are always with us, and we are ever by Your side,  our memories we shall treasure but always will You live in our hearts and we wait for  the day when we shall again hear You calling us, and we shall again welcome You to our shores.

Home is where the  heart is, Shri Mataji now You have found us we hope this will always be one of Your homes waiting for You no matter the changes in the world we shall always love You and pray that  please  keep us by Your side, Shri Mataji You are the Lord of all , master of the Universe  All  Glory and Praise to You Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Queen of the Universe.

Speech by Sir C.P. Srivastava

There are very few occasions when I feel a little lost for words, but it is one to-day

When we received an invitation, or your Mataji received an invitation from Her Australian children, inviting Her to visit Australia, She readily accepted that invitation and we came here. Little did we know then that She was being invited as the Goddess on earth, to come to Her rightful abode on this earth, which is created by the Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis of Australia, in Australia. And there what we found when we came here: we had come from the earth, to Heaven on earth. The house in which we were lodged represented an ocean of love, created by all of you with such tremendous devotion for your Mother; and we became at home immediately. Ever since then, everything has been done to make Her stay comfortable and memorable.

You know, when I was studying, I used to be told repeatedly that perfection in human affairs is a receding target. It is never achieved, but you must aim at it. I think they did not know Australian Sahaja Yoga, Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis, because here you have attained perfection in everything that you have done, in your love for Her, in your care for Her.

Well, She had enjoyed Her stay, She is distinctly feeling better than before, and I am naturally very, very profoundly grateful for that. I have thanked the medical team repeatedly and I want to thank them again. Twenty-four hours they are at Her service, and they looked after Her as they should their Mother, and their Mother has been really very happy, and She is really much better. The nurses, the doctors, everyone; there are those who were in the kitchen; you turn whichever way, there's love abounding; and as far as I am concerned, I tell you this honestly, I am not given to exaggerating or telling lies, but I have become full of confidence after being here with you, that Sahaja Yoga will spread from here to the world; that this is the fountain from which the shower of Sahaja Yoga will go all over the world.

And here, what have I seen? I have seen Sahaja Yoga in its perfection, I have seen Sahaja Yoginis in their perfection, Sahaja Yogis in their perfection, Yuva Shakti in their perfection and children in their perfection. If there is a perfect world anywhere, it is here, and sitting right in front of the Goddess. But I can go on and on and on, but when I begin to talk about Australian Sahaja Yoga, there is no limit to what I can say.But I don't want to cancel our booking and stay back! I'll go back. But I will certainly come back; but I want to thank all of you once again, and convey this from Her heart to you: Her love is with you, Her blessings are with you.

And I also want to thank not only the doctors and nurses, Dr. Bohdan and the others, but the leadership. The leadership in Australia Sahaja Yoga is what She wants leadership to be. You know, Her ideal is leadership which is invisible, which leads without leading; and that is what Chris Kyriacou is providing here, along with all his colleagues. He is behind everything and yet, you know, you seldom see him. And that's how it should be. Everyone here is involved in leadership. Leadership does not mean one person leading, leadership means everyone together involved in leading Sahaja Yoga. And that is the ideal which She is creating. She has decided that now She will stay back. She has done Her job. You know, for thirty-five years She has been running around, as you know, everywhere. Now She is saying: "My children, take up: it is your duty now to promote Sahaja Yoga."

And then what you have done, you have taken up that responsibility and in a beautiful way, in a collective way, this Sahaj collective in Australia is ideal. And wherever I go, and as long as I live, I'm going to cite with your permission (or without your permission!) your example of what you have done for Sahaja Yoga

So I must stop now, I've talked enough. But before doing that, from my heart I want to thank you all on Her behalf, on your Mother's behalf, on my own behalf, on behalf of my two daughters, Kalpana and Sadhana. I don't believe any more that I have only two daughters: my daughters are all here, and they are sitting here. This is a family to which I belong, and this is a family of which the head is one and one only, your Mataji. I am one of you; I belong to Her, I belong to you.

So thank you again; no words would be enough to thank you. And I want to thank Mr. Michael Fogarty particularly also, not because he is also, he is a very senior person, a dear friend of mine, who has been the leading light of Sahaja Yoga for many, many years here; but also because he is deeply involved in, in everything that we do. And I am very, very grateful to him for the interest he has taken in preparing plans for the Chindwara Project. You have heard of that: the shrine where She was born. And there it is our intention to have a world ashram attached to the world shrine. And there, Mr. Michael Fogarty has given me detailed plans. I am amazed to see, in such a short time, with such care which he has prepared that. But I want to give him a little warning: this is not the end of his association. For if he thought that by passing on a set of papers and documents he is through, no sir, not at all! You will have to be with us when we really go into it and prepare to build the building.

So once again thank you ever, ever so much, and I don't want to stop talking, but I have to. So children, dear friends, please accept my feelings of immense gratitude, my love. My thoughts are with you, and wherever I am, I'll be talking Australia and Australian Sahaja Yoga.

Thank you.

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