Jan 14, 2006

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Sahaja Yoga Bhajans at Mother's Feet

11 March 2006

Last Saturday night (March 11) Sahaja Yogis, devotees of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the Creator of the Universe and Word Saviour, had gathered in Burwood, next door to Mother's house, for their weekly reunion and collective meditation - At that time they did not know that the Goddess was going to bless them with Her Divine Presence.

When we arrived, the pre-school was locked, so we decided to sit on the front lawn and enjoy the collective singing. We were sitting in the garden near the fence facing Mother's bedroom. After some time we stopped to meditate. At this point, Aunty Kim came over and quietly told a few of us that Shri Mataji's window was open and that She was listening to the music and that we should "keep singing". A bit later, another Yogi passed a written message saying "Shri Mataji is having tea in the bedroom and listening". No more encouragement is needed to devotees who get great joy from offering songs at the Lotus Feet of their Guru.

At one stage, a Yogi from inside the pre-school wished to play Shri Mataji's talk for the weekly program (not realising what was going on outside). When it was explained by one of the musicians what was happening, there was a twinkling smile on that Yogi's face, when he realised that this was the only communion/communication that was necessary. We were also aware that if Mother wanted to sleep, we would have to stop singing. John, who was watching Mother's window, said "As long as Mother keeps her window open we can sing".

This feeling of being very close to Shri Mataji multiplied our enthusiasm and devotion. Our hearts were bubbling with joy.

This seemed to be just a continuation of the previous night, our weekly bhajan night rehearsal. During the first bhajans, I felt my attention somehow flat, lost on its way, not established in the Sahasrara. Then it started to relax and settle itself. By the tenth song, I could feel myself glorified, established in Sahasrara, with no more efforts or tensions. At that point we were all One, one with Her, one with The Eternal Glory of God. A few moments later, a Sahaja Yogi who was looking after Mother came to the fence to tell us that Mother was inviting us to come to Her place to sing more bhajans. We went and all sat in Her courtyard in awe, in auspicious silence. We started singing with unusual power and intensity, while Mother was getting prepared to welcome us in.

Then the curtains and doors opened. We were all invited in and witnessed the most beautiful and auspicious event. Mother was sitting with Sadhana Didi on Her right and Kalpana Didi on Her left. Instantly I felt a strong power of Auspiciousness and Love. I felt as the Mother power was multiplied. Sadhana and Kalpana Didi were holding Mother's hands, sometimes looking at Her and talking to Her and requesting another bhajan or kawali. They were the expression of Mother's Love. They were very happy. Sadhana Didi was bubbling with joy, encouraging her Mother for more music from this "best kept secret" as Sadhana Didi said. Mother closed Her eyes in meditation at times.

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