Jan 14, 2006

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Gallery 21

Apr 14
Departure of Shri Mataji and Sir CP from Sydney Airport

Gallery 20

Apr 9
Spontaneous Caterers Volunteers Evening

Gallery 19

Apr 7
Shri Mataji and Sir CP's 59th Wedding Anniversary

Gallery 18

Mar 31
Shalivan New Year Celebrations

Gallery 17

Mar 22
Music night farewelling Sadhana Didi

Gallery 16

Mar 21 (new photos added Mar 29)
Birthday Puja at Darling Harbour

Gallery 15

Evening Mar 20
Balmoral Music Night

Gallery 14

Mar 20 (new photos added Mar 29)
Didis' Kids Party

Gallery 13

Mar 18 & 19 (new photos added Mar 29)
Day one and day two of the Balmoral Birthday Puja Seminar

Gallery 12

Mar 14
The bhajan group played throughout as the air became thick with coloured dust, some of which hit its mark, most however did not.

Gallery 11

Mar 5
Seven days after the puja, Shri Shiva Shakti blessed us with Her presence during an evening with all the little Ganeshas.

Gallery 10

Mar 4
Spontaneous Bhajans at Burwood

Gallery 9

Feb 24-26
Shiva Puja Seminar & Puja

Gallery 8

Feb 11
Another Day In Paradise. More than 50 prominent people gathered at the Sydney residence of Shri Mataji and Sir CP on Sat,  Feb 11  for a special dinner to celebrate 25 years of Sahaja Yoga in Australia. 

Gallery 7

Feb 10
On 10th of February a spontaneous presentation of music was offered to Shri Mataji and Her family in celebration of Sadhana didi’s 35th wedding anniversary.  

Gallery 6

Feb 6
Public program celebrating 25 years of Sahaja Yoga in Australia. Attended by Shri Mataji, Sir CP & Sadhana Didi.

Gallery 5

Feb 4
Sadhana Didi's Birthday Celebrations from Burwood Ashram.

Gallery 4

Jan 26
A musical celebration attended by Shri Mataji, Sir CP Srivastava and Sadhana Didi. Music of Joy performed the national anthems of both India and Australia, as they share the same national day, January 26.

Gallery 3

Jan 22
Shri Mataji & Sir CP visit the Burwood Garden & Kitchen.

Gallery 2

Jan 19
Sir CP addresses the builders, Architects & Decorators of the newly rennovated Burwwod Ashram in Sydney.

Gallery 1

Jan 14
Shri Mataji arrives in Australia accompanied by Sir CP and Sadhana Didi. Sankranti is celebrated at Sydney International Airport. Shri Mataji arrives at the newly renovated Burwood Ashram in Sydney.

The Skies over burwood.