Jan 14, 2006

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Spontaneous Bhajans at Burwood

Saturday morning 2.30am at Shri Mother's home in Sydney, Australia. The ladies in the kitchen are busy as usual preparing dinner for the Goddess and Her family. The washing and ironing people have just left. There are still a number of yogis doing various jobs associated with the planning and running of the home and others discussing arrangements for the upcoming Birthday Puja. The attending ladies and men come from Shri Mother's private quarters into the kitchen area and start ushering yogis quietly into the passage towards the family's lounge room. Shri Mataji has requested some bajhans.

Because of the short notice and lateness a harmonium and a set of tabla made up the instruments with a number of yogis sitting around them singing. The Yogis were transformed from their usual roles of caring for Shri Mother to becoming an angel like choir singing Her praises.

Four bahjans were sung and all received applause. Two yogis were celebrating their birthdays and were called forward with Sadana Didi leading the singing of "Happy Birthday to You". Sir CP and Shri Mother then gave every yogi in the room gifts. Sir gave all the men beautiful ties and Mother gave everyone pendants with Her photo holding them in Her hand and passing them lovingly to Her children.

The yogis then left the family members to enjoy their dinner around 4.30am in a state of bliss and drenched in vibrations of love from the Divine.

Click here for more photos of this occasion.

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