Jan 14, 2006

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Holi Celebrations at Burwood

14 March 2006

March 14th was the day of Holi, the festival of colors...

It is currently 4am (Wednesday March 15) here in Sydney and we are all just returning home from Our Mother's house at Burwood, we have a few hours of rest before work tomorrow but the night was so significant it should be shared with everyone just as it unfolded.

Firstly Shri Mataji and Her family are doing extremely well and everything is proceeding well. March 14th was the day of Holi, the festival of colors, and Shri Mataji with Her two gracious daughters Kalpana and Sadhana Didi allowed us all to play colors with each other, after first applying some color to the face of Shri Mataji and then to each other.

What then followed was ordered and vibrated pandemonium within the main living and meditation room of Burwood as all the Yogis took their lead and liberally applied the hues of red, green, blue, indigo and yellow to each others faces. Our once beautiful beige carpet now is slightly more varied in appearance and colourful in nature. The bhajan group played throughout as the air became thick with coloured dust, some of which hit its mark, most however did not.

Soon everyone was upon their feet dancing before Shri Mataji as the night moved into the early hours. It was a night to remember of sheer joy, lightness, and collective worship of Our Mother, at times we could once more see Her beaming smile lite up the room and our hearts . What was most amazing was just prior to the play of colors as we entered the room there was Our Mother quietly seated upon Her chair with rapt attention reading a book. She slowly turned the pages and was quite avidly reading a Marathi book exploring the origins of Indian culture and Sanskrit. It has been some time since many of us have seen Her reading and to see it with our own eyes just brought so much joy.

Quietly we slowly brought groups of Yogis who were working from the house at the time into the hallway so they could also see into the living room and also enjoy the moment. Shri Mataji concluded the reading session by Herself lifting a glass of Diet coke to Her lips and drinking. Fortunately we called our photographer in time and we were able to capture the moment which we will soon post of our site.

So to everyone please pass on the message that Our Mother's health seems to be steadily improving and She is happy and in good spirits, the joy of Her being remains the well spring of our own happiness.

Click here for more photos of this event.

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