Jan 14, 2006

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Sir CP Srivastava addresses the Burwood builders, architects and decorators.

Tonight members of the Sydney collective associated with the renovations of the Burwood Ashram gathered to meet with Sir CP who wished to thank them for all that has been done in preparing their home. What began as a small gathering began to swell as architects, builders, engineers, artists, interior designers and an army of labourers assembled in the former meditation room which is now serving as their extended living room.

Sir CP entered the room and you could feel a sense of excitement, joy, and bliss. Although those associated with the building were present it felt as if all the collective were there.

Sir CP began by speaking of the family's experiences within their home he said that sometimes words are incapable of expressing some experiences and what has been achieved, well it was like being in heaven on earth, the Yogis have done a remarkable job and in such a short space of time. It is miraculous , they have worked so hard, it is all the power of love and She is the source of that love, it only because of the love of Our Mother that all things are possible.

Sir CP then said that the good news is that since Our Mother's arrival She has been resting, relaxing and is in the best health he has seen for some time, it is all quite remarkable. Nothing pleases us more than to see Her so well and at peace.

Sir CP then explained to us that since he has been here an idea has come to him which he would like to share with us, the artistry and dedication of the work here has led him to explore an idea he would like us all to contemplate.

Recently the arrangements surrounding the final acquisition of the house where Shri Mataji took Her birth at Chindwara has been finalised and this spiritualy unique and significant home is now in Sahaja hands. The first and immediate task is to stablise, strengthen, and reinforce the home to ensure its long term viability. Then the home should be restored to its former glory within the keeping of the orginal design and vision. Perhaps the internal configuration may accommodate a meditation space, or perhaps a meditation facility could be added adjacent to the building.

The vision that Sir CP proposed is that the Chindwara home will become one of the sites which will become a focus for Yogis dedication to their Mother, that a least once in a Yogis lifetime they may visit the birthplace of their Mother, a Sahaja pilgrimage and to accommodate the Yogis a large multipurpose Ashram complex capable of accommodating many Yogis be undertaken by the world Sahaja collective and be constructed.

Sufficient land to construct a building of this scale may need to be found a few kilometers from the Chindwara birth place to allow space enough for the project.

The great task laid before all Sahaja Yogis is to propose a design of an Ashram Yogi facility as a place befitting the elevated purpose of faciliatating the Yogis undertaking this pilgrimage, a place of worship, introspection, meditation, futher exploring Our Mother's teachings while coming together in collectivity, peace, and harmony.

Over the next few days we will transcibe Sir CP's talk so the Sahaja collective can see this great vision realise through Sir CP's own words.

Sincerely Chris on behalf of the Australian Council

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