Jan 14, 2006

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Sir CP’s 59th Wedding Anniversary Speech

April 7, 2006

It is difficult to express oneself when one is moved by emotions

Allow me first to thank you, sir, Mr Michael Fogarty, for your very kind words of congratulations, and may I reciprocate by congratulating you on having celebrated your own 45th Wedding Anniversary. And I wish many, many more; many more than fifty-nine

For me these fifty-nine years have been heavenly. Everything that I have done, I owe and charge it to one person, the person who is sitting next to me here. And also you will agree, all of you, that I am probably the most fortunate human being on Earth!…

But I do want to say that coming to Australia has been an absolutely wonderful experience, wonderful. I do not say anything that I don’t feel in my heart. I can tell you honestly that I have been a great admirer of your Mother’s Sahaja Yoga. But when I came here and saw the Sahaja Yoga as practised in Australia, I realised how glorious the concept was, because I have seen Sahaja Yoga here at its best; and please believe me, that is true. It is just wonderful to see how all of you constitute one loving, caring family, the kind of family that She wanted to create, and She has successfully created here. Your devotion to Sahaja Yoga is unparalleled. Your commitment to each other is unparalleled. Here you see real brothers and sisters, Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis, they are at their best, Yuva Shakti are at their best, … Shakti are at their best, everything. How you do it, I don't understand, I don't know; but I want to tell you that I am profoundly grateful, that when you and your friends extended invitation to your Mother which is right, you included me also in that and … and I announced… that I may accept it. Well I have…, my life would have been incomplete if I had not had this experience.

People talk of heaven which is somewhere, I don't know where. But if there is heaven anywhere, it is here; if there are angels anywhere, they are sitting here; and I really admire you, I love you and I want to worship you as Her creation, as angels created by the Goddess. It is a perfect heavenly gathering where She is residing and you are all here, and it is a model, and wherever I go I’ll preach this. It’s the kind of relationship that you have, the kind of commitment that you have, the kind of devotion you have to the highest values of life, is truly, truly astounding, and if I hadn't seen it I would have found it difficult to believe, but there it is. So, it's a great, great experience, very elevating experience which I have had wherever … going, and I want to express, I can’t thank you, thank you is not the word. I can only express my admiration and my love, and my deepest gratitude for all that you have done. Imagine, the Sahaja Yogis had no more than six weeks’ notice of our coming here, and in six weeks they remodelled this whole house. Who on earth could have done it, and done it so beautifully? But it is, it is heaven on earth! What else is heaven? So in six weeks’ time! And ever since we have come, every moment, every day has been absolutely wonderful and glorious. I can go on and on about this, but I want to tell something a little more, and it is that I am deeply grateful to Australia and Australian Sahaja Yogis, your collective, for having provided the medical team which has looked after your Mother, and I want to express my very, very deep gratitude to Dr. Bohdan and Dr. Ramesh Manocha, and the nurses, sisters who are here. They have done a marvellous job and Australia, Australian Sahaja Yogis, Australian climate, hospitality, and the medical team, they have all had a wonderful effect on Her.

I have been noticing ever since I have come, and I want to show you, She is much, much better. She is feeling happier, She is much better than She was, and for me there could be nothing better than that, that She should be better. And I assure you that it is because of Australia, because of your love, and  because of the doctors and the nurses who have given of their best, everything possible. And I have also been the recipient of great kindness. I can't thank them enough. I owe my life to these doctors. I would not probably have been here, but for them. So this was something in my heart that I wanted to mention, that we have had wonderful programs, we have wonderful food from the kitchen, everything has been perfect. I don't know that there could be anything better than what we have experienced.

So I want to conclude now, but I conclude by expressing on behalf of your Mother, Her love for you, and Her warm appreciation. I am sure She is extremely happy that Her children have done so beautifully here. I carry with me wonderful memories, carry them always, and I told them in a gathering, you have asked for trouble, and trouble will come: we will come back!

There is one thing more that I want to say: if you go to another country, you know immediately who is the leader and who the followers. Here you come, you look around, you don't know who the leader is; because the leader here is a wonderful person, he does not lead, he invites every other person to lead. And that is how a collective should work. It is also a very, very good example of how Her idea of collective leadership should be implemented. I want to congratulate Chris and Michael Fogarty and all of you, on the wonderful way in which you are implementing Her view of Sahaja Yoga. It is difficult to find Chris, because he is… there, not here even. This is really, this is leadership. This is what She wants, She wants everyone to participate in the same way. That is the meaning of collective leadership and I assure, I tell you really, this is a glorious example, a beautiful example.  So I congratulate Chris again, for whatever; and you know he is behind everything, I know that. Sitting here, I know what he is doing, which is never  in the forefront. He is pushing everybody else: “You come, and you come, and you come.” It's marvellous, and I admire him, and he is setting a new example. I will cite it, wherever I go. And thank you all very much; you are all the same. Nobody is the leader here, everyone is together. This is the real meaning of collective leadership, and this is what She wanted. She wants this kind of leadership. And I assure you I have seen this only here so far. But this is Her dream, and I’ll carry this message everywhere. This is how Sahaja Yoga will … collectively

So thank you again very, very much; thank you.

And now, to the music team: very beautiful music, always.

Thank you.

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