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When you have your self-realisation and have that connection with the All-pervading Power of Divine Love, all of the elements of nature help you to feel that love flowing through you.?

For me, sitting on the Mother Earth is very powerful. First you sit down and place both hands down on the Earth and pray to the Mother Earth to take away all of your problems. Then ask her to kindly fill your entire being with her gravity and her quality of purity and innocence. Slowly you feel yourself becoming thoughtless, and your whole body is soothed down by a beautiful flow of vibrations. This is the energy from the Mother Earth nurturing you and soothing down your whole Subtle System. After some time which feels timeless you feel that connection with the Divine Love so strongly. This is when you grow spiritually and become one with truth.?

Just as we have our own Kundalini energy which nurtures us, so too does the Mother Earth. We are all connected.

L Lingard

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