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Sahaja Yoga Realise Australia Tour posterThe Sahaja Yoga Realise Australia Tour visited southern New South Wales during the first weekend of October 2006.

The Realise Australia tours were inspired by the visit of Shri Mataji and her husband, Sir CP Srivastava, in early 2006. Sahaja Yogis in Australia had received so many blessings and love from Shri Mataji and Sir CP that they wanted to spread this love to those who were not able to experience it directly.

The first tour began on the first weekend of October 2006 with Sahaja Yogis travelling south to Wollongong, Kiama, Nowra, Ulladulla, Batemans Bay, Canberra and Bowral before returning to Sydney.

Participants’ comments provide an indication of the joy, love and dynamism experienced during the tour.

I joined the Tour in Canberra. There was an amazing dynamic. Everybody’s heart was so open, vibrations were flowing so freely from one to another, supporting, encouraging each and everyone who was giving out their best. We were all swimming in such bubbling joy! MP, Canberra performance

A lasting image in my mind will definitely be of Ulladulla where, upon opening my eyes after a gentle and beautiful guided meditation given by Caroline, I saw in front of us a row of brand new yogis – self-realised souls – with that look of the deepest meditation on their serene faces. It was the most beautiful sight on that whole magical tour – a journey right into the depths of our hearts.

With that attention to giving Self-realisation and explaining the subtleties of Sahaja Yoga, one can’t help but feel the language of vibrations spontaneously expressing through the strength of our collectivity. CL, Bowral performance

One Sahaja Yogi was speaking to a young man who had been watching intently for most of the programme at Batemans Bay. Afterwards he asked about Shri Mataji, and the yogi explained to him all that Shri Mataji had done for the people of the world within the last thirty years or so: how She has completely dedicated all her time to giving en masse Self-realisation and spreading peace all over the world without ever charging for anything – just giving. She then asked if the young man knew of anyone else who had done such work in these days. His reply was, “Yes, Jesus and Buddha”. Batemans Bay performance


Weekly follow-up programs are now being conducted in the following centres:

Kiama: Every Monday, 7.30 – 8.45 pm at Kiama CWA Hall, Shoalhaven St, Kiama

Nowra: Every Tuesday, 10.30 am – 12 noon at Nowra Scout Hall, Cnr Shoalhaven and Jervis Sts, Nowra

Fairy Meadow (Wollongong): Every Tuesday evening, 7.30 – 8.45 pm at Fairy Meadow Community Centre, Fairy Meadow

Albion Park Rail: Every Wednesday, 10.30 – 11.30 am at Danze Gallery, Shaban St, Albion Park Rail

All enquiries: 1300 724252 or go to the Realise Australia Tour site

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