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On one of my many travels to India I purchased a beautiful book entitled, The Devi Gita – The Song of the Goddess: A Translation, Annotation and Commentary, by C. Mackenzie Brown. In the Introduction there is a description of Kundalini Yoga:

The Kundalini system presupposes an esoteric or subtle physiology, consisting of several mystic energy channels or arteries (nadis) within the body, connecting various psychoenergetic centres (chakras, padmas) lying along the central axis or spine.

In the lowermost centre, the Base Support (Mooladhara) at the bottom end of the spine, resides the Kundalini or ‘Coiled One’, thus refered to as the Serpent Power. The Kundalini is none other than the Goddess manifesting within our bodies as the guiding psychospiritual power of our being. In unenlightened, ordinary beings, she lies dormant. The goal of this yoga is to awaken her in the Base Support Center and to cause her to ascend the central axis, breaking through the other centres until she reaches the uppermost center at the top of or slightly above the head, where she unites with her male counterpart, Siva.

This is exactly what takes place in Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga actualises Kundalini Yoga.

In times gone by, to achieve Kundalini Yoga the aspirant had to go through penances or tapas, to purify and gain understanding, and then mastery of the different aspects of their nature. Eventually, maybe many lifetimes later, the aspirant may encounter a guru who is a yogi, and at the hands of that guru-yogi, attain their self-realisation, meaning the opening of their Sahasrara Chakra through Kundalini awakening. This was a very long process.

Shri MatajiWhen Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder and sole guru of Sahaja Yoga, started this work in 1970, She realised that we, the people of this modern, Technological Age, didn’t have the luxury of time on our sides anymore. Through all the advancements we had achieved, and through blindly following the false gurus who had sprung up everywhere like mushrooms, we were destroying our brains and our subtle systems. Our Sahasraras were entangled, over-developed masses of nerves, our chakras and nadis torn, shrivelled and disconnected.

rising.gifSo for a jet age people, a jet age process was devised by Shri Mataji, and this system She named Sahaja Yoga. In this process the Kundalini is awakened “sahaja” which means spontanaeously (click on the image on the left, to see a demonstration of the kundalini rising). To use the analogy of skyscrapers, this process takes us up to the penthouse in one swift and beautiful moment. We are then given the tools to understand both the vista and the floors below. Then, armed with this knowledge, we have to correct our own chakras and nadis and thereby bring about balance in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, synthesising them into a complete whole.

Greta More

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