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Shri Laxmi, presiding Deity of the Nabhi ChakraA person with a healthy Nabhi is relaxed, peaceful and generous, and is a satisfied person. The Nabhi Chakra relates closely to the home and well-being of the family. If our welfare seems threatened, if we do not feel at ease, or if we have trouble fulfilling our basic needs, then the Nabhi chakra can feel pressured. The problem seems to be that, in the West, we are often caught up in endless desires for security, sensation, power and control, including the desire for material wealth. To maintain our satisfaction within, we must also be able to exist in a balanced state of satisfaction without things beyond the basic needs.

Since this Earthly realm is full of so many attractions and choices it is easy to become dissatisfied. The way through these choices has been charted in all sustainable societies and true religions as a principled code or Way of life called Dharma. The more one enjoys becoming the Spirit, the less time one has for
wrongful things, outside of Dharma. The seeker of truth surrenders desires and agendas so they feel satisfied within, whatever they have, and so they focus their desire power on their Spiritual unfoldment.

The presiding Deity, or personification, of the Nabhi principle is Shri Vishnu and his consort, Shri Laxmi. Many powers are invested in these two. He is responsible for sustaining Dharma and leading the human evolution. She grants physical and material well-being. On the left, she is Shri Gruhalaxmi, the wife or Goddess of the household. The wife must be respected and also be respectable. So many of our societies’ problems stem from poor quality of homelife in the West with the resulting sense of dissatisfaction.

Food is also closely involved with satisfaction and the Nabhi. Too much attention on food, or fasting, or the wrong type of foods can cause the Nabhi chakra to “catch”. We eat to live, not live to eat. Our food and well-being are prerequisites for our functioning both within and without. Because the quality of our attention is closely involved with the liver, which means we can get caught up with thinking and worrying, we should avoid fatty foods that are testing for the liver. Food that soothes the Nabhi and cools the liver helps the attention attain thoughtless meditation. True satisfaction can only be sustained when our Spirit comes into our attention. It is the Spirit’s power, the Kundalini, which has created, evolved and sustained us, and it is the Kundalini that connects us to that Source of satisfaction.

Through the practice of simple Sahaja Yoga techniques, it is posssible to clear the Nabki Chakra and experience deep satisfaction and contentment, improved attention and deeper meditations. 


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