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Shri JagadambeThe Heart Chakra is the place of our Spirit, our joy, our security and our responsibility. It is placed in the centre of the chest which is also at the centre of the whole Subtle System. Our security is felt from this chakra: if we receive a fright we often spontaneously cover our hearts. It is the power of love and joy and confidence, emanating from heart, which testifies to the eternal, unconquerable Spirit that resides therein. The Sahaja Yoga affirmations for the Heart (Anahat) Chakra are, “I am the Spirit. In my Spirit I am completely secure. In my Spirit I am a completely fearless person.”

After Self-realisation, the heart is felt to have three distinct aspects: the left, right and centre. On the left is the Spirit, the Atma or Self which manifests pure existence, awareness and joy (Sat-Chit-Ananda). Once our Spirit comes into our attention we begin to drop false identifications with the body, mind, ego, emotions and conditionings. We are then free to be, open, spontaneous, natural instruments of the Divine. When we know we are the Spirit, we have the security of knowing we are eternal, children of God.

The deity or principle of left heart is God the Father, Lord Shiva, and His Shakti, Shri Parvati. In India and other Asian countries, people upon meeting each other acknowledge the Spirit in the other person by raising their hands to prayer position, in Namaskar, and by bowing. These gestures recognise and respect the essential divinity in the other person. As the poet says, “It is not for the sake of the person that the person is dear, but for the sake of the Spirit in the person, that the person is dear.” Perhaps the most dear relationship is the love between the mother and her child. This earthly mother (physical) relationship is also felt on the left heart, and so this role and relationship must be truly valued.

The centre heart governs the sense of security and protection. Here, when we are children, antibodies are created to fight any negativity within the body. The principle here is personified as the Great Goddess Jagadambe, the most powerful, multi-armed destroyer Deity who protects Her children and ultimately conquers all that is against Her children.

The right heart governs our relationship to our earthly father, and to our sense of duty and our sense of correct behaviour. The well-being and protection of our father, our relationship with him and with other masculine figures – husband, brothers and sons – and also the appropriate conduct of the father – neither irresponsible nor overly dominating – are important. Difficult relationships do put pressure on the heart.

The Deity or principle of right heart is the perfect husband, son, father and king – Lord Rama and his spouse Shri Seeta. He laid down, by example, the ideals or maryadas for right behaviour in family life.

Love is the ultimate quality or power of the heart – not the fearful, grasping, dependent or dominating condition some may  calle love, but the great, fearless, life-giving, quality of open-heart that affirms,  nourishes and protects. Pure Love is detached. It wants at all costs what is truly best. Spiritual love is the fountainhead of all life. It gives to all, permeates all and does all the living work. It is said, “God is Love”.

The principal element of Heart is air. Air is a primary need for us to sustain life. To clear and strengthen the Heart Chakra you can take large lungfuls of air. This effectively provides energy and dispels negativity.

Extreme over-activity of the right side, physically or mentally, stresses the heart, as does anti-God activity.

Essentially, in Spirit we are all one. Competition and fear reduce the sense of Love and compassion and so make us strangers to our Selves. Shri Mataji has said many times that, “Sahaja Yoga is only Love”.


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