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Flowers, the beautiful bouquet of emotionsYou have your emotions, your feelings like flowers that you have to keep to yourself, which are part of the same ocean of your heart. And, once you are ready, everything is done. If the whole house is ready, now bring the flowers, the emotions, the nice things, the beautiful things and nourish them.

One must learn. I think there should be some books about how to say nice things to others. We should try to find some books like that or should write some books, how nice things could be said, how we can take care of others, how we can make another feel our love, the expression of love and that work. Such a book will really help people to understand that this is nice to say. And once you say something nice to another, that niceness comes back … like the ripples that touch the shores come back, and then you feel very happy.

Go on saying things which are nice, which are pleasing, will be very much appreciated. But if you say it with sincerity, not just to tease someone or to say something just to be so superficially good … then you will be surprised that the heart of the other person will open and from that heart will flow those beautiful flowers of emotion that are stored.

So on one side, you have to expand your heart and, on another side, you have to reserve or preserve all the beautiful, nice, delicate feelings within yourself, absorb from everywhere and then to pour them out at the right moment. That’s the art… This is the way we have to be with ourselves in our heart because human beings are very delicate, very beautiful things and to beautify them you have to say beautiful things. This tongue is not for saying harsh things, for making fun of others, for teasing others, but is for saying something, such a beautiful thing that the other person also imbibes that beauty. I’ve seen some nice things people have said and that lingers in My mind. And I said, “When will I have the chance to say these things to others?” 

So think about it, that, “Now this is a very nice sentence. This was a very sweet thing they said. All right, so now where should I use this …?” To find these nice feelings and nice emotions and nice things said, then what do you do? You collect them, all these things, give them and use them at the right time, at the right place. This is what is the wisdom of Shri Ganesha. Innocent people are the most sincere people, innocent people. Those who are clever and cunning cannot be sincere because they enjoy their cunningness, they enjoy their so-called brilliance. They can never be. Those people who are simple, who are loving, who care for love more than anything else, can only say very nice things sincerely … 

When your heart is large, then whatever you do for others, you enjoy. You enjoy doing good things. You enjoy saying nice things. So we should have the choicest flowers of beautiful sayings. We should have the choicest emotions which we should be able to express to each other.

Shri Mataji, 1990


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