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I was gardening, or should I say weeding. As I did so I asked that Shri Ganesha would cleanse my chakras and take away all the obstacles to the success of the Sahaja Yoga programs in Newcastle, Australia, as well as to my own ascent.

Financial concerns popped up for a moment, as my mind went to the cost of new photos, CDs, DVDs and hire of a hall, as it was about the same time as the new Sahaja Yoga programs were beginning in Newcastle. I knew my car needed new brake pads, and so my busy mind attempted to tell me I needed at least $1000 to register the car. I stopped my thoughts and told myself that I have all the faith in Shri Mataji and if my faith was complete, then I shouldn’t need to replace anything. The pads should fix themselves. Why not? If Shri Mataji says so, then it is possible. The thoughts drifted away and I went back to weeding.

The reason I knew I had to replace the brake pads is that I had been told last year at vehicle registration time that the brakes had only just passed the test. An NRMA safety check had also told me that I needed new rear brake pads.

On the morning that the film about Shri Mataji was to be shown in Charlestown, a suburb of Newcastle, I took my car to Goodyear Tyres to get the brake pads fixed. I was told the job would take two hours. So I came armed with my laptop, and started to do some work sitting in the sun. About twenty minutes after they had taken my car for repair, I was stunned to see it was back in the car park already.

I walked back inside and the receptionist told me that she would be with me in a minute. I was a little confused. I hadn’t wanted to hang around there for two hours but I did want the work done. I was then told by the owner that my brakes were fine and didn’t need anything done to them. She had even had two more mechanics check them and they all agreed that there was no problem with the brakes.

My face lit up with a ridiculous grin as I said, “Never mind that they are OK when they shouldn’t be. You are honest enough to tell me!”

The message is simple: JUST HAVE FAITH! Forget what our logic and reasoning say and have faith that things will work out. Please believe in Shri Mataji and that we truly do operate in a Divine world. 


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