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Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

But the attention should be on the Power, attention should be on the connection that we have with this Power…. Thank God and thank yourself, thank your luck you’re so fortunate that you are very few who have achieved this connection, and that you are sucking that Power within yourself so easily….

And you have to trust this Power fully. Those days when people were in difficulties, they were always attacked, they had not got their Self-realisation. They had to put their trust into the divine Power; they had to put. But now when you have got realisation, you have got your freedom, should never forget that you have to trust this divine Power all the time, that it will look after you….

And if you people do not use your power – out of any nonsense, any fear you may have; you may have any kind of a, because of a temptation or restriction, anything –
if you’re not going all out to use your power of love, then you cannot ascend. So the whole thing if you see it so clearly, the whole power of your Mother is of love.
Whatever She does is out of Her love for Her creation.

Shri Mataji, 1990

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