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Shri Mataji

So many things are there which divert your mind to that because you have drawn certain conclusions about reality.  You think this is the reality.  You believe that this is the reality and you want to stick on to that.  But that is not so.  I tell you, you have to understand that reality is what it is.  You should face it and enjoy it.  Don’t try to put your ideas on it.  Don’t try to organise the reality.  It is what it is, and once you decide within yourself, “So far I have not known and I have to know,” with that humility you will get it. 

It doesn’t mean that you have to surrender your money or anything, your self-respect or your freedom.  On the contrary, you have to enter into that area where there is supreme freedom, supreme freedom.  You are not free.  If you think you are free you are sadly mistaken because you are still slaves of so many things. 

But once a person is free he is not bothered about anything.  Nothing can make him habituated to anything – nothing.  Such a person lives like a king whether he is in a hut or a street or in a palace.  He’s not bothered.  Whatever it is he’s the king. He doesn’t want anything anymore.  He gives. He gives. He’s so rich that nobody can give him anything.  He gives and gives and gives.  And only thing that it can do is to give; it cannot take anything.  The capacity is such that he cannot take anything from anyone.  No more these attitudes, how to save money, how to save your labor, how to save your chairs, your powers, your positions. Nothing will enslave you because you are the master of everything.  Nothing is more important than your own spirit, which you enjoy, which manifests. 

Shri Mataji, 13 June 1983, London UK

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