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Nukualofa, Tonga

Two free meditation classes will be held in Nukualofa, the capital of Tonga. The Sahaja Yoga meditation classes will be run by two practising Sahaja yogis from Australia.

The classes are suitable for people who have never meditated before, as well as regular meditators. There are no strenuous physical exercises, and no special clothing or postures are required.

Sahaja Yoga meditation is a very simple method for achieving a state of “thoughtless awareness” or mental stillness. This is very relaxing, and has been shown in scientific studies to have beneficial effects on physical health and mental wellbeing.

Dates:  22 August and 29 August, 2012

Time:  7.00 to 8.30pm

Venue:  St Andrew’s High School Hall

There is no charge for these classes. Sahaja Yoga is always free.

For more information, click here.


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