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Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga

One has to know that there is a divine power. You may like it or not. All this living work that is done – millions and millions of flowers which are becoming fruits, a seed becoming a tree, a particular seed becomes a particular tree, all the choices that are made, the whole organised way the chemical acts, the way the chemistry is made of periodic laws, everything you see in this world is all so well organised – there has to be somebody doing it….

Unless and until human beings are evolved, none of the problems of the world are going to be solved, none of the problems – take it from me… Whatever they have done by their thinking – say they have created democracy, they have created communism, this, that – all this nonsense has no meaning at all in reality… The detachment takes place because you become one with the spirit, which is not attached, which gives you that light, that detachment from where you can see the whole thing just as a drama going on. And you work it out very well. You become so dynamic that you are amazed at your own dynamism. Apart from that, one has to realise if there is a power which is an all-pervading power, that power itself thinks, organises and looks after you.

Shri Mataji, Brighton UK, 20 May 1982

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