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Sahaja Yoga is the method devised by Shri Mataji whereby we get our Self-realisation and the path by which we become enlightened as a result of being self-realised.  Shri Mataji has said so many times that human beings are at the epitome of evolution; we are the culmination of the evolutionary process that Water lilystarted from the stage of the amoebas. What does all this mean?

Growing up in Burma, I was exposed to the Buddhist belief that we go through many different forms, taking birth after birth. We may be reborn as an animal and then again take a human birth, and then again, in accordance with our karmas (accrued good and bad merits) we may take an animal birth, and then again a human birth. 

So from the stage of amoeba to human being is a long, long road taking millions and millions of years. All this time Earth has been the arena where this evolutionary process has occurred.  

In Sahaja Yoga “taking Self-realisation” means that we open out our Sahasrara (Thousand Petalled) Chakra, resulting in the enlightening of the brain.  When we ask people at Sahaja Yoga programs to feel the cool breeze at the top of the head at the point of the Fontanelle bone, we are asking them to feel the Kundalini emitting at Sahasrara.  We can feel our own individual Kundalini emitting from our own Thousand Petalled Sahasrara Chakra.

This Sahasrara is the integration point of our being.  Opening it out via the process of Sahaja Yoga is the means to achieve that exulted status of the epitome of evolution.  Without this we do not achieve our mark.  We do not reach the culmination of ourselves.  From Sahasrara we become aware and understand how we are a Particle within the Whole, the one in the duality, and how the duality has to be because it is necessary.  This sublime truth contained in the Buddhist and Hindu scriptures is actualised. 

Kundalini, one aspect of the Adi Shakti, is the power that is working out every facet of life for all beings.  Adi Shakti manifests to take care of all the various components that go into bringing something into existence, then sustaining it and then evolving it onwards.  And the Big Bang, the Word, the OM are all the one and the same.  When Adi Shakti separated from God the sound produced is what the Hindus call OM, it is the Word that is the body of Lord Jesus Christ, and it is the Big Bang hypothesised by western scientists.  It was a sudden separation, the sound made at the bursting forth of energy from a static state. 

All these things that have been seen as separate things can be understood when we do Sahaja Yoga.  We become integrated, and in that integrated state we become a “Saint,” a dynamic personality that is manifesting its virtues, i.e. its divine qualities.  We become happy with being virtuous, kind and generous, and we courageously stand up for truth, uncompromisingly. But, most of all, we have a joyful personality.  Joy is different from happiness. Happiness has its opposite which is sadness, but Joy is non-dualistic.  This joy is what gives us a dynamic personality.

Greta More

Statue of Patanjali

Patanjali is the one who originally described the “asanas” that are used in today’s many forms of physical “Yoga”,  also known as “Hatha Yoga”. Yoga simply means “mystical union” with the Divine (or whatever you want to call it).  In western society today, Yoga is the practice of “asanas” and there is little talk of meditation, spirituality or God, which were the original purpose of the practice of asana exercises as described by Patanjali.

Max Lieberman

Austerity, the study of sacred texts, and the dedication of action to God constitute the discipline of Mystic Union (Yoga).

This discipline is practised for the purpose of acquiring fixity of mind on the Lord, free from all impurities and agitations, or on One’s Own Reality, and for attenuating the afflictions.

The five afflictions are ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion, and the desire to cling to life.

Ignorance is the breeding place for all the others whether they are dormant or attenuated, partially overcome or fully operative.

Ignorance is taking the non-eternal for the eternal, the impure for the pure, evil for good and non-self as self.

Egoism is the identification of the power that knows with the instruments of knowing.

Attachment is that magnetic pattern which clusters in pleasure and pulls one towards such experience.

Aversion is the magnetic pattern which clusters in misery and pushes one from such experience.

Flowing by its own energy, established even in the wise and in the foolish, is the unending desire for life.

These patterns when subtle may be removed by developing their contraries.

Their active afflictions are to be destroyed by meditation.

From The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – The Threads of Union
(written  between 1700 and 2200 years ago)

An evening of wonderful Indian dancing has been organised by the Thrayee School of Dance, to be held at the Bankstown Hall, Bankstown on Saturday 26 May 2007. Rasanubhavam – A Spiritual Experience will be presented by the Trio Sisters, Radhika, Gayatri and Shobana. The Trio Sisters are disciples of the famous dancing duo, The Dhananjayans from Chennai in India.

They will be preceded by the Music of Joy, a group of musicians who sing music which uplifts and takes the listener into a meditative and joyous state.

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