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Sky over Sydney during Shri Mataji's visit 2006In Sahaja Yoga we learn to witness our own “Dialogue with God” which becomes actually the fragrant and colourful “Contact with God” through this beautiful world that is breathing in and out the Paramchaitanya, the ever-present power of God. We become the thoughtlessly and joyfully aware children of the Adi Shakti. We are part and parcel of this on-going Divine Plan, complex, diverse and simple. We are spreading the Fragrance of God while longing for the force of gravity that is keeping us grounded to the Divine Mother.
In the last few days I was introduced more deeply than ever to the amazing beauty of the Canadian sky, the canvas for the breath-taking, colourful and playful nature of Mother Earth. I was watching in awe – sometimes in the mornings, sometimes during the day, sometimes in the evenings – the display of ethereal arts. These were moments when one could say, “That’s it!” Meditation started simply by a glance at the Sky, just because God was there, present in the upper Present.
All these days I have wanted to share these simple joys, found above, of clouds and horizons and celestial objects, sometimes soft, surreal portals of Divine Creativity. It was almost like taking a peek into the Adi Shakti’s work of creating the world, witnessing Genesis again and again, in a variety of versions.
Another lesson-experience from the sky was that sometimes Oneness feels not completely self-sufficient if it is not also collective. It triggers the built-in need, based on Love, to gather all the people and pull them in so that the One becomes the Whole. In a complete collective of Love it becomes merely Existence, because each single time the need to share was there. And in a way, I was given the answer to the question, “Why the Creation?”

“Whole world is created because there was love,” Shri Mataji has said. “Sahaja Yoga means ‘We are One’. We are all Sahaja Yogis but not separately – together.”

Ioana Popa

(Photograph courtesy of Tanya Andersson)

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