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The whole human race should take to Kundalini awakening because it will assist us not only in sorting out our immediate health and family problems, but also in resolving global problems. There is only this power and mechanism within us that works out things for our individual benevolence, auspiciously and equitably.

At the moment we are not in control of many aspects of our lives. We are at the mercy of technology. That technology we collectively created now sits on our heads like tonnes of bricks. Entire economies of countries are run by it. Our attention is completely tied up with wrestling with the monster. You will be able to relate to what I mean if you’ve found yourself waiting, for example, on-line to be served by an internet service provider, a bank, a government department or a telephone company.

The bank and government departments come under the area of the Nabhi Chakra, the sustenance and satisfaction aspect of our well-being. The internet and telephone come under the Vishuddhi Chakra, the communication and collective consciousness-awareness aspect of our well-being. By handing over these two vital components of our well-being to technology, we are now running inside an invisible landscape of the mind. This mental realm is totally unreal. It is made up of what we Think. It is devoid of the realities that go with living. There is no way out of this complicated maze except via our Kundalini as She is beyond the maze. She is the All-pervading Power of God’s Love who is all knowledge, all know-how.

Within Kundalini are the many aspects of our being: these are our chakras and nadis (channels). We need to have the Kundalini flowing through them so that Her profound knowledge, Her know-how, can become ours. We can then use this knowledge to re-evaluate what we are doing.

The human form is made up of mental, emotional and physical bodies within the five sheaths. Currently, we are running with the mental body way out in front, and the emotional and physical bodies lagging far behind. They are out of alignment with each other. The five sheaths, reflected within us as our five senses, are in total confusion. This is the stress factor.

The enlightening effects of the Kundalini which triggers the light of the Atma/Sprit to shine in our attention, provides the only solution for us. As individuals make up the collective, it is at the individual level that we must first work things out.

The tremendous healing powers of the Kundalini are there to be used by us. We need to obtain our Self-realisation. Sahaja Yoga is the method, devised by Shri Mataji, which allows ordinary individuals to become enlightened. During the process of Self-realisation, the Kundalini rises from Her abode in the triangular Sacrum bone and pours Her rays of love onto our chakras, threading them like pearls; onto the nadis, drawing them back into alignment; and onto the five sheaths, purifying and soothing them down. In this way, the mind, the emotions and the physical body are restored to their equilibrium.

Mesopotamanian Tree of LifeWe need to be in equilibrium to stop what we are doing and change how we are doing things. The human race has run aground in all areas of endeavour by becoming too top-heavy, with the roots withered. Connection to the Kundalini restores the mechanism within us, allowing the roots to become reconnected to the “tree”. The sap – the love that nurtures – can then be redistributed more evenly throughout the various parts, producing a much more beautiful, balanced, healthy and vital tree.

The subtle system in Sahaja Yoga is made up of the chakras and nadis, and is the Tree of Life. Many saints, poets, authors, artists, craftsmen and craftswomen have portrayed it in their works. The Kundalini is the sap that flows, nourishing, sustaining and evolving.

We can take the vital lines of communication and technology that our lives are bound up with to a new level where our well-being is, once more, the centre of consideration. This can only happen if we obtain our Self-realisation.

Greta More
© 2007


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