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Pathway to truth

Through simple questions
and affirmations,
Shri Mataji, by Her grace,
traces the history of mankind,
offering us a way to face
ourselves, to seek and find
the wisdom, joy and peace
of unceasing
self realisation.

Somewhere – in the Garden of Eden
perhaps – the Power of God
granted us a great gift,
rifting us from the rest of Creation.
She, the Prime Power,
gifted to us our
our perception, a new voice,
our free will, choice.
While the rest of Creation still
obeyed, without question, God’s will,
mankind took its destiny, and
the consequences, into its own hands.

The first desire, in those early days,
was matter –
food, shelter, weapons of security,
the surety of survival
against all rivals.
Even in these latter
days money, things
and what things bring,
are still the way of life
for most, causing envy, greed
the need for more, for new, for speed,
increasing our current
international strife,
and individual discontent.

The next desire?  A towering
need for power,
for praise, obedience.
We domineer,
the other’s fear.

But as we drive
through on-going lives
we tend to find
that things and status bind
and blind us, while stuff
and power are not enough.
There must be something more,
we say, a simple core
to our existence!
So we search the distance
between our world and peace of mind
to find,
to sleuth-out
So we seek outside
ourselves, in humility or pride,
through religions and prisms
of –osophies and –isms,
special visions, special places,
so-called wise, attractive faces,
sects and drugs and cults.
The result?
We find among all the congestion,
those key questions
concerning truth, which guide
us inside,
and we find that the wealth
of answers lies in the Spirit, the Self.

Brian Bell

(Photograph by Vishnu Bonneau)

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