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  You were hiding in my heart
It was me who didn’t see
Didn’t see you
Looked everywhere outside
But never turned inside to my own heart

In all my love
All my pain and all my sorrow
In all my hope and all my joy
You were there with me
It was me who didn’t turn to you

You were my joy in all my play
You indeed were the joy
And I indulged in all that joy
Days spent in play

You were there deep in my heart
In the songs I sang in my sorrow and joy
You were the words, you were the tune
It was me who never sang your songs

Please be alit oh spirit
And enlighten this attention
Let me be immersed totally in you
Sing the song of love
Lost in complete joy!

Meghamala Basu

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

The tree outside my house
overnight it turned from green to yellow
teaching us an important lesson
to be ready and prepared for a change.

The fall is here to  welcome the winter
when silent work gets done under cover
to manifest in fresh green spring
to be followed by riot of summer’s colour!

Let us learn from nature to let go the useless
hibernate from externals and seek within
to find the real precious treasure
that’s secretly embedded deep in!

 Armaity Bhabha


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Bowing in ritual
Worshipping the Eternal
My heart meets Thee at Thy Place
And sees Thy Face.
Illusions during the day
Are gone out of my way
With vibrant emotion
At the further point of my devotion
No more I exist
Only Thee exists.
Like birds playing
Like flowers blooming
Reduce the distance
Make me pure existence
So that, at Thy Place
Always my heart sees Thy Face.

(Lotus flower)

(Lotus flower)

Holy Mother of my soul, complete,
I have surrendered, at Your Lotus Feet,
All the hurt and all the heat,
All the feelings of defeat,
All the anger, all the pain,
All the tension, all the strain,
All the worries, all the fears,
All the years of unshed tears.
Oh! Shri Vishnumaya, dazzling bright,
Chase away the shadows of the night.
Shri Adi Guru, ancient dawning light,
Take away illusion from my sight.
Let the dried-up hot dead sea of strife
Turn to the lush soft garden of vibrant life.
Show me the way to become my own Master,
How to reach my Self in the Virata.
The Way is only You, Your Lotus Feet,
Beloved Holy Mother, my All, Complete.

Katie Cartmel

(Photograph: Vishnu Bonneau)

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