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Shri Mataji Guru_01When you get your Self-realisation, you become the Spirit. And your attention is enlightened by that spirit. You become a witness of the whole world like a drama. This enlightened attention is a very powerful means of spreading divine vibrations. You see eyes of such person becomes innocent, absolutely innocent. We have to know that there is one thing that is our innocence which never destroy. It is covered with clouds … but never destroyed. And you regain that back your innocent state within yourself. At the same time you are so dynamic but you become extremely compassionate. You don’t have fears, You don’t have any grudges, you are absolutely floating in the beautiful atmosphere of truth. …  Then the greatest thing that happens to you is that you jump into the ocean of joy. Now joy … it is not like happiness or unhappiness. When your ego is pampered, you are happy; when it is punctured, you are unhappy. But the joy …. It is a state which is to be experienced. And you start using your vibrations and raising the Kundalini of others, because this power you get. From the first stage of thoughtless awareness, you jump into another state called as doubtless awareness. And a tremendous transformation takes place.

Shri Mataji, Basel, Switzerland, 1994

Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

When we try to play games with ourselves, we miss the point because it is the Self which is going to emit. It is the Self that is going to give you your glory. It is the Self which is going to bestow all the blessings of divine love and all the securities and all the help that are deserved by you …. So we have to put our life fixed for something that is noble, enlightening and higher. Hypocrisy will keep you always out of it.

So I have to request you to face yourself, love yourself, respect yourself, understand yourself and stand on your self-respect and see for yourself that you are the king of kings, that you are the one who is to be worshipped. You are the one who is the emblem of God’s love. Such a beautiful thing it is.

… With humility, with surrender of your ego, you are worshipping your Self. You are not degrading it, you are not analysing it, but you are absorbing the beautiful power and the light of your Atma into your attention.

Shri Mataji, 21 March 1988

Shri Mataji

There is nothing like laughing. Laughing is the greatest correction. You will laugh at ourself. You will laugh at others. Do not make others look ridiculous, but just enjoy the way others are and enjoy each other. They are all very beautiful people, very beautiful. It is like one beautiful flower is enjoying the fragrance of another beautiful flower. That is what it should be.

One should not feel that “Oh, look at this flower. It’s so beautiful.” Look at yourself. You are beautiful, too. But unless and until you enjoy the fragrance and the beauty of another flower, you cannot know what you are because you are all just the same inside. You are all people whose spirit have come into their attention, wonderful people, certified yogis.

Shri Mataji, Geneva, 23 September 1990

  You were hiding in my heart
It was me who didn’t see
Didn’t see you
Looked everywhere outside
But never turned inside to my own heart

In all my love
All my pain and all my sorrow
In all my hope and all my joy
You were there with me
It was me who didn’t turn to you

You were my joy in all my play
You indeed were the joy
And I indulged in all that joy
Days spent in play

You were there deep in my heart
In the songs I sang in my sorrow and joy
You were the words, you were the tune
It was me who never sang your songs

Please be alit oh spirit
And enlighten this attention
Let me be immersed totally in you
Sing the song of love
Lost in complete joy!

Meghamala Basu

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