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Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

When we try to play games with ourselves, we miss the point because it is the Self which is going to emit. It is the Self that is going to give you your glory. It is the Self which is going to bestow all the blessings of divine love and all the securities and all the help that are deserved by you …. So we have to put our life fixed for something that is noble, enlightening and higher. Hypocrisy will keep you always out of it.

So I have to request you to face yourself, love yourself, respect yourself, understand yourself and stand on your self-respect and see for yourself that you are the king of kings, that you are the one who is to be worshipped. You are the one who is the emblem of God’s love. Such a beautiful thing it is.

… With humility, with surrender of your ego, you are worshipping your Self. You are not degrading it, you are not analysing it, but you are absorbing the beautiful power and the light of your Atma into your attention.

Shri Mataji, 21 March 1988

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