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The sweetness of Shri Mataji's smileToday is the day where we celebrate the change of the axis of the sun, and that he moves towards the Tropic of Cancer. Tropic of Cancer is the one which represents the motherhood, the motherhood of the earth. This Tropic of Cancer has passed through quite a big area of land, while the Tropic of Capricorn has not. And the area through which it has passed it has created different beautiful manifestation of the mother qualities on this earth. We celebrate this change because the sun has now moved into the new dimension, so that all over the world there will be the warmth of the sun.

Warmth of the sun represents the warmth of God’s love. This is the reason why we celebrate this festival by giving you some sort of a sweet made out of sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are given because they are also heat-giving, and now as we are coming from the cold we come to the hot season, in a way hotter season, so to prepare you with that warmth of the sun.

This special things are made out of the seed of sesame to represent the oncoming warmth, and the warmth of the sun. Though in India the heat is too much, still people are waiting for this time to come in and they celebrate it with such a warm heart. At this time it is said that they give you this sesame seed and the sugar to eat, but now you must speak in a sweet manner ….

Speaking in the sweet manner is very important. Some people think it is smart to speak in a rude manner, or is very intelligent to shout on people but no one likes this kind of a personality. You may be intelligent. You may be very sharp or smart. Maybe on a television people may like to see you, but not as companions, as friends. To speak in a very sweet manner is a sign of good breeding, good culture and fear of God. Those who fear God will never speak rudely to another person, because in another person also the same spirit is shining; and why should we be sharp or angry with another person who is created by God Almighty as we are created?

So this loving, beautiful co-relationship that we have with each other after Sahaj Yoga specially, let us express in talking to each other sweetly. There are so many ways by which we could be sweet. There are little, little things if you do, you can create lot of sweetness, but you need not a sharp tongue, but a sharp memory. I try these things many a times.

Shri Mataji, 1987

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