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Sahaja Yoga program in Manara, Lebanon

Sahaja Yoga program in Manara, Lebanon

During the Sahaja Yoga programs held in Lebanon from 8 to 10 August 2008 about 120 people received their Realisation.

On Friday 8 August at Unesco all the people stayed until the end, more than three hours. Two people came for the second time and asked lots of questions.

 On Saturday 9 August in the public garden most of the people were older. Many felt peace inside and asked when the next meeting would be. One of the children after receiving his Realisation brought his mother who enjoyed her Realisation.

Most of the Realisation sessions were done in Manara on 10 August. It was the first time there was less stress, the surrender was deeper, and the fear of giving Realisation to people who may have refused it was not felt as usual.

A Shiite lady who had already received her Realisation brought her husband to the program. After receiving his Realisation, the husband started helping us and explaining to people that Sahaja Yoga is not related to any religion and was not against their religion.

Another Shiite lady, after receiving her Realisation, expressed her very, very deep joy and bliss inside her and added, “I feel so much light! I believe that all religions are to be respected.” She seemed to be against fanaticism. So it opens the heart to meet such wonderful seekers.

A young man who was a volunteer in a Peace association enjoyed his Realisation so much that he invited us next Tuesday and Wednesday to have Sahaja Yoga activities for children coming from all religions and cities in Lebanon.

The next Sahaja Yoga programs in Lebanon will be held from 19 to 21 September, 2008.

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