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Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

So when you are enlightened, the conscious mind is something like a tree into which the sap is now flowing. It may be that it is just like a leaf or it may be it is like a flower, or maybe it is like a fruit. So it changes its forms once he gets realization. If a person gets realization then the conscious mind moves on, getting more and more light. Say, for example, when the electricity comes, you can see this room, you can see another’s room, you can see another room, you can go round and see and again, again you will see it all the rooms; then you become aware of all the rooms. So you are conscious of all these. But in the beginning you are just conscious of the room where you are standing, isn’t it?

So the conscious mind’s definition cannot be given after realization. A person like Me, say for example, has a conscious mind that might envelop the whole world. Or a conscious mind of a person who is realized soul who is still not anywhere, just started, then he’s only conscious as to where is right, where is left, where is this. So before the realization the conscious mind sees things around you. Out of that also there are categories. Some people see, say, for artists can see something, and a scientist can see something, another poet will see something. So it depends on the conscious mind how it is, has got the trend. But still it won’t see something that is subtle behind it, and that only is possible after you get your realization. 

Shri Mataji, Sydney, Australia, 6 May 1987

IMG0100When you become the ocean, then you are not bothered what shore you go to, where you travel. You are not bothered. You are only with the ocean, moving up and down. That is how it is a living ocean of love, and that is what we have to develop – without dominating others, without showing off.

It should be that the whole thing should be contained within yourself…. It should be all within yourself, and that is the most enjoyable thing…. This is something that if you have it within yourself, you are fully filled within your Self. So what is most important? What is so much needed? Nothing. You are completely filled with yourself, contented with yourself and then you want to share. This is the ideal way of dealing with the Sahasrara, and I am sure the day will come when this whole world’s Sahasrara has to be opened out….

It is very important to understand how valuable you are, how remarkably important you are, born at this time. You got your Realisation for what? To emancipate this world, to transform human beings, to take the whole of this world into the realm of God. That is what you are here for.

Shri Mataji, 4 May, 1997

Christ coming was a great event, as I have told you, to establish Agnya Chakra, and He was born on this Earth, but much before He was born in the consciousness, and that absolute consciousness itself took birth as Jesus Christ. To explain His life is only possible if you are Realized souls. Otherwise, you cannot explain Christ – what He was, how He worked….AR37B2

The another thing He has told us which is very important, I think, that we must forgive. He has given the greatest weapon that we must forgive. Now it’s such a practical thing to forgive. If you just forgive, the person doesn’t exist anymore, and the person doesn’t trouble you anymore, nor is he in your attention. Just to forgive is the simplest thing to do and the highest thing to do to get relief from worldly or mental tortures that we get.

His life has been a story of spirituality, going through all kinds of turmoils and tortures, all types of troubles that the Spirit can go through, to show that nobody can kill that Spirit…. It cannot be killed, it’s an eternal life, and He tried to prove through His life the eternity. From the beginning to the end He showed that Spirit is above matter, that nothing can dominate Spirit.

It’s a very big thing He has done for us is to create such a big confidence in our Spirit. He has proved it beyond doubt.

Shri Mataji, Pune, India, 25 December 1986

Shri Mataji Guru_01

Shri Mataji

All our problems … are because of human beings because they have not been enlightened. If you are enlightened you will have no problem of any quarrelling or any fighting and all that. If you are enlightened, then you will think about others – others as if they are your own…. you will not think about yourself anymore. If you are enlightened, then there is no question of any violence in your head. Nowadays, in the name of religion, in the name of everything, there is so much of violence…

You should never be nervous. You should never be upset because you have the divine power within you and it will correct. It can correct anyone…. But you must have full faith in yourself and in the Paramchaitanya and believe that you are a realised soul. Nobody can harm you. If they try to harm you, for the time being, all right, you may suffer, but you don’t also feel the sufferings and you get out of it. Such a security, such a proper guidance is there. Also you are saved from all kinds of attacks and all kinds of mistakes that you commit.

It is all such a big, I would say a computer of knowledge. He knows, It knows what you are doing and what you should not do, where you are going and what should not be your way. It knows everything, knows everything about you.

So then you have to become aware of it. Now this is the stage where I would say that you have to be aware that you are realised souls. You are different, very unique. You are realised souls. You are not ordinary people and you are protected by this Paramchaitanya. Nothing can change you. Nothing can trouble you. Nothing can overpower you.
Shri Mataji, 9 May 1999

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