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Shri Mataji

All our problems … are because of human beings because they have not been enlightened. If you are enlightened you will have no problem of any quarrelling or any fighting and all that. If you are enlightened, then you will think about others – others as if they are your own…. you will not think about yourself anymore. If you are enlightened, then there is no question of any violence in your head. Nowadays, in the name of religion, in the name of everything, there is so much of violence…

You should never be nervous. You should never be upset because you have the divine power within you and it will correct. It can correct anyone…. But you must have full faith in yourself and in the Paramchaitanya and believe that you are a realised soul. Nobody can harm you. If they try to harm you, for the time being, all right, you may suffer, but you don’t also feel the sufferings and you get out of it. Such a security, such a proper guidance is there. Also you are saved from all kinds of attacks and all kinds of mistakes that you commit.

It is all such a big, I would say a computer of knowledge. He knows, It knows what you are doing and what you should not do, where you are going and what should not be your way. It knows everything, knows everything about you.

So then you have to become aware of it. Now this is the stage where I would say that you have to be aware that you are realised souls. You are different, very unique. You are realised souls. You are not ordinary people and you are protected by this Paramchaitanya. Nothing can change you. Nothing can trouble you. Nothing can overpower you.
Shri Mataji, 9 May 1999

Abraham Lincoln, a born-realised soulFebruary 12 is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Shri Mataji recognised Abraham Lincoln as one of those special people who were born-realised souls and who have contributed so much for the good of humankind. Here is a collection of comments that Shri Mataji has made about Abraham Lincoln over the years. They help us to understand the significance of the contribution he has made, and how much it has affected our lives and the societies in which we live. 
We have had so many great people who were born-realised before. Also Abraham Lincoln was a born-realised fellow. We had people everywhere in the world. Like I would say that Michelangelo was a realised soul, Mozart was a realised soul.  I mean … so many people were realised souls, but nobody knew about them.

They were effective because they were above all that, and they created these tremendous things because they were one with the Divine Power that is creative, that is not only creative — it is protective. It is the one that thinks, that understands, co-ordinates, co-operates and works out.
Shri Mataji, 1985

And you have Abraham Lincoln. What a man! I think his blessings should work out one day in this country [United States of America]. What a saint. What a personality. And that’s what you had, people, great people in this country, and that greatness, that vision is lost now. Have confidence in yourself.
Shri Mataji, 1984

I was a child, very small. When I was in school I used to go to the library and read about the lives of great men who have created some great things for us. So many of them. And I was so impressed how some of them were so simple, so child-like. For example, Abraham Lincoln for whom I have tremendous, tremendous respect was a man tortured by his wife also. She said, “You don’t know. You are very clumsy. You don’t know how to dress up. You don’t know how to behave”. And she actually was very harsh on him, all the time torturing him. Ultimately he was also killed. So one can say, “You see, what’s the use of being Abraham Lincoln? Because he was killed, he was not successful.”

Until today, all over the world, people know who was Abraham Lincoln. They don’t know his wife… But they knew who was Abraham Lincoln, everybody. Clumsy man, according to her, and all sorts of degradation for him. But nobody respects her, nobody thinks anything about her. Who is respected today, is Abraham Lincoln. Why? Actually, he was murdered. He was killed. That shows that he had no strength to survive, but he survived through ages. So many years have passed; still he’s surviving.

Take the case of all the great people who have been innocent; and that’s why they had ideals. To them their ideals were more important than anything else, even their lives. 
Shri Mataji, 2001


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