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Shri Mataji

The peace within expresses, first of all, peace with others. That is the first sign of the manifestation of peace. Such a person doesn’t use harsh words, doesn’t use cruel words. But he is also not a person who is ineffective. He is very effective, using very sweet and nice words. Maybe he begins by using harsh words, then he mellows down and comes down to a position where he is effective as well as he is very mild and sweet. Such a personality has to be developed – outside….

That is how our culture is going to be such that we will express complete peace within ourselves. And you must know that you are in one body, active. You are active cells in one body. All the cells of the body are never active, but those who are active have to be at peace with each other; otherwise what will happen to that poor body? So try to make peace….

So in this new culture, we have to be extremely peaceful people, and that peace should be expressed on your faces. People should understand that you are peaceful…

Shri Mataji, 1985

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