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MechanicThe author of this personal experience has had an old car for many, many years. Over this time, there have been many occasions when the inextricable happened. For example, on one occasion, the car continued to run for hundreds of kilometres, even though the fuel tank was close to empty. Now, unfortunately, the old vehicle has finally been put to rest.

In this story, the author describes another of these events.

It was time for registration of my car, and I had to find a new mechanic as I had moved. I knew I had to get the brake pads replaced because at the previous inspection for registration I had been told that they would definitely have to be replaced to pass the next inspection. I had also had a safety check that revealed the same thing. I was a bit concerned, as I had experienced dishonest mechanics in the past and it had cost me a lot of money. This time I went thoughtless, as I knew that this was the way to make the best decisions. I chose the closest mechanic.

I had to book the vehicle in for inspection on the same day that a film about Shri Mataji was being shown in Newcastle. The job would take about an hour and a half. I was a little bit worried that I might not make it to the cinema on time. So I said to myself, “Not this thought,” a few times, and the worries stopped. I settled down for the wait.

Only twenty minutes had passed when I saw my car appear from the workshop. I was sure that something major must have been wrong for it to re-appear so quickly. I waited for the bad news. The owner of the workshop called me over, and once again I could not believe my ears.

 The owner told me, “We didn’t replace the brake pads because there is nothing wrong with them.” I blurted out the story of the two inspections. Again, I was stunned as she said, “I remember that you said that. So I got three mechanics to check the brakes and they all agreed there was nothing wrong with them.”

When I recovered from the incredible news, I replied, “Well, I don’t know what the biggest miracle is: the fact that somehow the brake pads have repaired themselves; or that you are honest enough to tell me. After all, you could have just done what I asked you to and I would be none the wiser!”

The owner smiled and told me that they were a family business and would never be dishonest. She asked if I wanted the inspection report needed for the registration, as the car was fine. Of course I agreed, as I still had plenty of time to get to the cinema for the film.

Obviously, I had picked the right mechanic. Once again, I was helped to make the right decision through Sahaja Yoga.

Lisa Barron

Editor’s note: You can find more stories by Lisa by searching for “Lisa Barron”.


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