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Shri Mataji If you are in a witness state, then what will happen? If you watch any such things that are happening, it will subside. If you are in a witness state … then no accident will take place in your sight. Even if there is an accident, then you can save the person, you can help the person very actively. That’s in a very small scale, but even in a very large scale, you can do it, something wonderful…

There is no fear at all once you learn how to have the state of witnessing. So you become fearless.

There is no fear at all once you learn how to have the state of witnessing because when you are not witnessing, you get disturbed, you get upset, you get excited. You may join also these wrong type of people.

But if you are in a state of witnessing, that itself is a power. And that witnessing state helps you to win over so many difficulties of other people…

This is the best way to bring non-violence. In violent places you go and stand steadily there, facing all the things that are happening and that witness state acts – acts and stops that kind of a violence that is going on.

But the witness state is not a mental state. It is a state of spiritual ascent where you become a witness. The best way to practise the witness state is not to criticise anyone – not to criticise.

Shri Mataji, 1998

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