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I cannot express my feelings on coming here but it is an auspicious moment to recall the glory of my father. All the seekers who did their penance here achieved their ascent with the inspiration they received from the Himalayas; they succeeded in rising to the pinnacle.

Himalaya is the Sahasrara which the Mother Earth has created for you. It should be worshipped. This Sahasrara is very great. I do not see anything except vibrations everywhere. Those who are here are drenched in this tremendous ocean of vibrations, just like fish in the water. These vibrations that are spread all around are so beautiful and joy-giving that it cannot be expressed in words. This is the blessing of the Himalayas.

First and foremost we accept the ocean as our guru. The pollution of the whole world is thrown in it. However, the ocean leaves behind the pollution in its bed and rises as clouds in the sky. It becomes absolutely pure, unblemished and so beautiful. Then it sails toward the Himalayas and covers it with “Hima” [snow].

The word, “Dhaula”, means absolutely pure, clear and nirmal [referring to the mountain range of Talnoo called Dhauladhar]. Ranges like the Dhauladhar spread across the Himalaya. These ranges are similar to the ranges that cover our brain and enlighten our Sahasrara. When we face the Himalaya we appear as particles before Him. There is nothing so special in us that can stand out before Him. What are we before His majesty?

This is the Sahasrara of the whole universe. It has given the whole universe such solace, happiness and joy that there remain nothing more to desire. I have opened your Sahasrara with its help. Through this Sahasrara I discovered that till the peace of the Himalaya settles within, its coolness will not permeate your nature.

Today let us pray to the Himalaya and the seven mighty Devis [Gods] that are here to bless us with their Divine Powers. Their Divine Powers are embodied in the Mother and may we receive these from Her. Thus evoking the embodiment of the Mother, may we seek refuge at the feet of the Himalaya.

Shri Mataji, 29 March 1985, Talnoo, Dharamshala, India


Shri Mataji If you are in a witness state, then what will happen? If you watch any such things that are happening, it will subside. If you are in a witness state … then no accident will take place in your sight. Even if there is an accident, then you can save the person, you can help the person very actively. That’s in a very small scale, but even in a very large scale, you can do it, something wonderful…

There is no fear at all once you learn how to have the state of witnessing. So you become fearless.

There is no fear at all once you learn how to have the state of witnessing because when you are not witnessing, you get disturbed, you get upset, you get excited. You may join also these wrong type of people.

But if you are in a state of witnessing, that itself is a power. And that witnessing state helps you to win over so many difficulties of other people…

This is the best way to bring non-violence. In violent places you go and stand steadily there, facing all the things that are happening and that witness state acts – acts and stops that kind of a violence that is going on.

But the witness state is not a mental state. It is a state of spiritual ascent where you become a witness. The best way to practise the witness state is not to criticise anyone – not to criticise.

Shri Mataji, 1998

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja YogaIt’s important to rise very much above the rest of the people. Why not be like Martin Luther? We can do it. Why do we not create people of that kind who speak of something great, who bring the attention of people to something higher, raise their necks upward to see … with their heads higher than the others, and see something great within us – something so idealistic, so impossible for them to understand?

 We have to have unique people. And that’s what we have to work out in our ascent – in individual and in collective ascent…. So we have to be very solemn about it and get to that state where the whole thing becomes a leela [play] because you are so powerful – like Shri Krishna.

Shri Mataji, 1990

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