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Sahasrara chakra

We have no idea of the effect that we can have on the people we meet in everyday life, once we have our realisation.

I tutor a ten-year-old boy, Pete. He wasn’t staying on task in his classes, was disruptive and, of course, never did his homework. His parents asked me to tutor him and “just make him do his homework.”

He proved a challenge at first. My ego was telling me that I was only managing to get him to do his homework but I was teaching him nothing. I was feeling a little deflated by the lack of results, until I remembered the affirmation that Shri Mataji taught us: “Shri Mataji, You do everything, and I do nothing.”

Half-way through our third session, my pupil stopped his work and wiggled his little finger and his ring finger on his right hand, telling me that they were all hot and tingly. I asked him if this had happened before. He replied, “Na, just now.”

I was in awe as I realised that his right heart and ego were beginning to clear just by us sitting there! The little finger on the right hand is connected to the heart chakra, and the ring finger is connected to the Agnya chakra. Both of these chakras were beginning to clear out.

Pete settled into our routine. He began to take more care with his homework. I resigned myself to the fact that I would not be able to teach him very much in our sessions as homework was all that we had time to do.

A few weeks went by, and his mother told me that he no longer had to bring home a “behaviour book” daily. A couple of months later, his mother went to a parent-teacher interview.

“Well, something good is happening,” she told me. “His teacher said that he wants to do his work now, she rarely has to correct his behaviour, and he pulls his mates up when they muck around, telling them to get on with their work.”

This was nothing short of a miracle! When I first met Pete’s mother, she had told me that his teacher and the principal told her that he had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and needed medicating. She had even taken him to a paediatrician who decided that he did not have ADHD but was just a handful.

Once again, I was absolutely humbled and in awe of the remarkable effect of vibrations. I hadn’t done a thing. It was the vibrations that had brought about the change in Pete. By doing nothing, absolutely anything and everything can work out.

So when you are in a crowd, in a queue shopping in a busy supermarket, or surrounded by noisy children, just put your attention on your Sahasrara chakra at the top of the head. You will be surprised by how things work out for those around you. What can happen is beyond our understanding!

Lisa Barron


I cannot express my feelings on coming here but it is an auspicious moment to recall the glory of my father. All the seekers who did their penance here achieved their ascent with the inspiration they received from the Himalayas; they succeeded in rising to the pinnacle.

Himalaya is the Sahasrara which the Mother Earth has created for you. It should be worshipped. This Sahasrara is very great. I do not see anything except vibrations everywhere. Those who are here are drenched in this tremendous ocean of vibrations, just like fish in the water. These vibrations that are spread all around are so beautiful and joy-giving that it cannot be expressed in words. This is the blessing of the Himalayas.

First and foremost we accept the ocean as our guru. The pollution of the whole world is thrown in it. However, the ocean leaves behind the pollution in its bed and rises as clouds in the sky. It becomes absolutely pure, unblemished and so beautiful. Then it sails toward the Himalayas and covers it with “Hima” [snow].

The word, “Dhaula”, means absolutely pure, clear and nirmal [referring to the mountain range of Talnoo called Dhauladhar]. Ranges like the Dhauladhar spread across the Himalaya. These ranges are similar to the ranges that cover our brain and enlighten our Sahasrara. When we face the Himalaya we appear as particles before Him. There is nothing so special in us that can stand out before Him. What are we before His majesty?

This is the Sahasrara of the whole universe. It has given the whole universe such solace, happiness and joy that there remain nothing more to desire. I have opened your Sahasrara with its help. Through this Sahasrara I discovered that till the peace of the Himalaya settles within, its coolness will not permeate your nature.

Today let us pray to the Himalaya and the seven mighty Devis [Gods] that are here to bless us with their Divine Powers. Their Divine Powers are embodied in the Mother and may we receive these from Her. Thus evoking the embodiment of the Mother, may we seek refuge at the feet of the Himalaya.

Shri Mataji, 29 March 1985, Talnoo, Dharamshala, India


Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

Then the second chakra [Swadishtan], when it is awakened within you, you have a special quality of creativity. Because when the second chakra is awakened, you are actually thoughtless. There’s no thought in your mind, so you start looking at anything without thinking. You start looking at anything that is created without any ripple of thought in your mind. Like all that is created round the lake of your mind is completely reflected in that ripple-less lake, and you see the complete reflection of that creation as well as the joy that is bubbling in that creation. So your creativity becomes tremendous, you start seeing things but not thinking about it.

Now, see if you come to this hall, and you start seeing something, you like it, then you start thinking, “Oh God, this is a beautiful thing, but how much it must have cost, and now how old it is? Is it going to last or not? Is it insured or not?”

All sorts of funny ideas will come to you, and you’ll never enjoy watching it. But supposing you have no thought about it, you just watch it, you just see. What happens? The creation that of the artist who has created this beautiful thing, the joy of that creation that the artist had, who might be dead now, you start enjoying that joy. The whole thing can be filled in you with that bubbling joy that he wanted to put there with his own heart. And that’s what happens because there is no thought, so the creativity becomes tremendous. But it’s not only that the creativity is tremendous, but your techniques even. For example, a musician can become a tremendous musician. People who have never done any work can become extremely powerful….

Like Mona Lisa now. We like her, Mona Lisa. According to modern standards she cannot be a beauty because she was a very plump lady, an elderly lady. But today also, if you go there, you cannot see her painting. It’s so crowded; everybody’s anxious to see Mona Lisa. And if you go and feel the vibrations, from distance you’ll get vibrations, because the coefficients of her body, face and everything is made so well, that you get the vibrations.

Now people are very anxious to create new ideas, new type of things, and this, but these things do not sell and even if they sell temporarily, they have no eternal value. So the people with this chakra enlightened, start creating things of very eternal values, of universal values. Anywhere you take such a thing – you’ll take it to India, you take it to China, you take it to Japan or you take it to America, anywhere – any human being who sees that, sees the beauty of the Spirit, because it gives you joy in your Spirit. So the pure art is produced too. That’s the purity, or I would say the holy art is produced too. When you start producing that holy art, then you should believe that you have got an enlightenment on that chakra…..

 Shri Mataji, 1983


Going to Chhindwara, little did I realise that the event coming up was quite cosmic in proportions – Good Friday, Persian New Year, Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday and, of course, Shri Mataji’s 85th birthday.
The celebration of Holi was expected on the day after Birthday Puja [celebration], so we dressed in our silks and other finest for the Puja, leaving “holi clothes” for the next day. Little did we realise that we were going to break into spontaneous Holi colour-smearing right after Puja.
Shri Mataji’s daughters, Sadhana Didi and Kalpana Didi, decided to play Holi with Shri Mataji right there after the birthday cake was cut. More Gulal (red powder for smearing on each other) was vibrated by Shri Mataji. The Indian yogis spared no time mixing the vibrated red powder with tons more, making packets and distributing it right away to a rapturous crowd of more than 20,000.
A new movie on Shri Mataji’s childhood was premiered just before the Puja. In February this year, Shri Mataji gave a 3-hour interview, reminiscing about her childhood and the house in Chhindwara where she was born. The house is a shrine restored without replacing most of its vibrated elements: the floor on which Mother took Her first steps, etc.
The house was a hospital for a long time. During this time, many years ago, Baba Mama [Shri Mataji’s youngest brother] took Sahaja Yogis to the building and asked them to check vibrations in various rooms to find the room where Shri Mataji was born. This Sahaja Yogi recollected that they passed many rooms before coming to a small, abandoned room which was quite cobwebbed. It gave vibrational evidence that Baba Mama confirmed as the birth place of Shri Mataji.
After the puja, Holi celebrations resumed with the folksy charm of Mukhiraam and Dr. Rajesh’s songs about Holi. It was quite a coincidence to celebrate Holi in the state of India where Holi is celebrated quite intensely: Madhya Pradesh. 
The highlight of Birthday Puja was Shri Mataji’s power of transforming the remote puja site in Linga village near Chhindwara, into a hospitable place for thousands in a matter of weeks. 

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