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Shri Mataji Raising KundaliniKundalini is “… a residual energy, means it has created the whole universe of human beings but it has not been yet manifested. That’s why it is called as a residual energy. This energy is within us.” 

In this world of constant change, we are constantly seeking change; “… so why not we change our Complete being through Self-realisation?”

And finally, “There are so many things I’ve said. There are so many lectures which I would like you to hear … these are beautiful, precious lectures …  So if you really are interested in yourself, interested in your ascent, interested in becoming one with the whole, to be in the Kingdom of God, then please take these tapes, listen to them, meditate on them. Meditation will become easier.”

The above quotes are from various lectures given by Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, over these many years since the day She gave the first human being Kundalini awakening in 1971. That was the beginning of the journey for human beings – the journey that signalled the culmination of this long evolutionary process which started out at the stage of the amoeba. 

Taking Self-realisation is the end of the journey as the human being. A new dimension is opened out in the human brain, a brain enlightened by the Spirit or Atma.

The first fundamental question we ask in the guided meditation that facilitates the awakening of Kundalini at all Sahaja Yoga public programs is, “Am I the Spirit?”  It is this Spirit that all holy scriptures have alluded to and which all seekers of yoga have sought.

It is the human attention that has to become enlightened so that wherever this enlightened instrument falls, that becomes enlightened. The enlightened attention is a powerful tool.  It is penetrating and purifying, and it is through the enlightened attention that we can know the Atma and become one with it. That is the aim of Yoga. 

Meditation is a state of being where we are fully aware but there are no thoughts. It is also the state where we experience joy. To use a lake as an analogy, the lake’s surface is free of ripples; therefore, the reflections are perfect. Seeing all the details as they are, we know the truth. So, too, it is with everything in our lives. If we can see them with the same kind of clarity we will know their truth and thereby know, without doubt, what must be done. 

Everything in the universe, from the largest to the smallest indivisible particle, is imbued with the Spirit. This is that which gives things life. It is only the ego and superego that developed in the human beings that distorts this knowing. 

Sahaja Yoga is different from all other types of yoga and meditation practices offered. In this yoga we have to know experientially by doing. There is nothing to be learnt through the mental faculties. It is to be known through our nervous system, to be felt and sensed. We have to feel the cool breeze of the Kundalini. We have to feel our chakras and channels on our finger tips and, if we are sensitive enough, at their locations in the body or on various parts of the body where the nerves end. We have to feel the chakras and channels of others if we are to help them. And ultimately, we have to feel and be in the Joy which is the expression of the Atma. There is no guesswork. We are either Sahaja Yogis or we are not. 

We can become experts, become very slick at applying the various cleansing and clearing techniques and sometimes even get lost in them, thinking that is what Sahaja Yoga is. It helps in mastering the instrument but that is only so that the Kundalini can flow properly, allowing the Atma to shine. If we are sincere about our ascent, about becoming one with the Spirit, we will surrender to our Self-realisation and to Kundalini. She is our mother who has been with us all through our evolutionary process and She knows how to lead us to our destination.

As Shri Mataji has advised, please listen to Her lectures. This entire Yoga system is based on Her teachings. She has made all that was once secret and hard to understand, knowable and doable. You can do this by attending a Sahaja Yoga public program on a weekly basis and with your own enlightened discretion applying  what you hear. Each week you will learn a little bit more and you will be that much more closer to your goal of becoming a Yogi, Sahaja style. 


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