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First of all our eyes are not steady. They go on hovering from here to there. God knows what we are looking for. The eyes become impure because we start thinking about things. As soon as we see something we start thinking and a barrier is created.

 For example, there is a beautiful piece, something very beautiful, you see, and looking at it, if there’s a thought you cannot enjoy. But if there is no thought, there’s pure rapport, pure connection, between that beautiful art and yourself. Then you just see it and enjoy that joy of the artist which he has poured into it, without thinking about it.

Otherwise normally people will think, “How many pounds can I save?” or “What should I do? Should I purchase it or not?” All sorts of nonsensical, flippant, cheap ideas can come into your head. Or could be something higher also. “This colour is not matched with that and this.” But a person who is a realised soul will just see, just like children. They just look, in the same way, without thinking.

So the first thing that happens to your attention is that the thoughts subside. Thought is the first problem that has started with ego and now when the thoughts subside then you become peaceful.

Shri Mataji, 1984

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