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Shri Mataji

By integration, you get the power to do what you understand and you have the power to feel happy with what you understand.

So you come to a stage where you develop this Nirananda [joy]. And this Niranand you develop when you are absolutely the spirit. In the Nirananda state there is no duality left… It is one personality. That is, you are completely integrated and the joy is not any more dented. It is complete. It hasn’t got a happiness and a sorrow aspect, but is just joy.

The joy is not that you laugh loud. The joy is not that you are always smiling. It is the stillness, the quietude within yourself, the peace of your being, of your spirit that asserts itself into vibrations which you feel.

When you feel that peace, you feel like the light of the sun, the whole rays of that beauty spreading.

But first of all, we are curbed down by our own personal, selfish, stupid ideas. Throw them away. We have them because we are insecure, because we have wrong ideas. Throw them away. Just stand alone, one with God, and you will find all these fears were useless.

Shri Mataji, Delhi, 4 February 1983.

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