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Shri Mataji

By integration, you get the power to do what you understand and you have the power to feel happy with what you understand.

So you come to a stage where you develop this Nirananda [joy]. And this Niranand you develop when you are absolutely the spirit. In the Nirananda state there is no duality left… It is one personality. That is, you are completely integrated and the joy is not any more dented. It is complete. It hasn’t got a happiness and a sorrow aspect, but is just joy.

The joy is not that you laugh loud. The joy is not that you are always smiling. It is the stillness, the quietude within yourself, the peace of your being, of your spirit that asserts itself into vibrations which you feel.

When you feel that peace, you feel like the light of the sun, the whole rays of that beauty spreading.

But first of all, we are curbed down by our own personal, selfish, stupid ideas. Throw them away. We have them because we are insecure, because we have wrong ideas. Throw them away. Just stand alone, one with God, and you will find all these fears were useless.

Shri Mataji, Delhi, 4 February 1983.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation workshops will be held throughout Australia in July 2011. Come along and experience the mental silence and peace that Sahaja Yoga Meditation can offer.

Topics include collective meditations, easy techniques for reducing stress, balancing and clearing sessions and tips on how to meditate at home.

Here are the workshop venues and details.

ACT – Scullin
Sunday 31st July,10.30am to 3.00pm
Sahaja Yoga Meditation Centre
77 Chewings Street, Scullin
No booking required.
Enquiries: (02) 6254 4986
Lunch provided. No cost.

NSW – Sydney (Note: new location)
Sunday 31st July, 12 noon to 4.00pm
(Doors open 11am for registration & live music)
Burwood Function Centre,  7-9 Burleigh St, Burwood Sydney
(2 mins from Burwood Station, off Belmore St.)
Free Council car park is opposite venue.
This venue includes a presentation, “Meditation for children and young people”, by Dr Ramesh Manocha.
Lunch NOT provided. Afternoon tea provided
$10 donation per person (see below under Costs**)
To book for Sydney go to

NT – Darwin
Saturday 30th July, 1.00pm to 5.00pm
Community Room (near Target entrance)
Palmerston Shopping Centre
Temple Terrace, Palmerston
To book for Darwin, contact [email protected]
Refreshments provided. No cost.

QLD – Bundaberg and Hervey Bay
Sunday 31st July, 1.00pm to 4:00pm
Sahaja Yoga Meditation Centre
160 Mahoney-Dexters Road
Alloway, Bundaberg
To book for Bundaberg, contact [email protected] or call 07 4159 7887.
Lunch provided. Donations welcomed.

QLD – Cairns
Sunday 31st July, 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre
2 Reed Road, Trinity Park
To book for Cairns, contact 07 4032 1860.
Afternoon tea provided. No cost.

QLD – Wamuran
Saturday 30th July, 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Sahaja Yoga Meditation Centre
95 McClintock Road
Wamuran (60mins north of Brisbane)
To book for Wamuran, contact [email protected] or call 07 5496 6716.
Refreshments provided. No cost.

SA – Adelaide
Saturday 30th July, 2.00pm  to 5.00pm
Klemzig Primary School,
2 Hay Street
Klemzig, Adelaide
To book for Adelaide, contact: [email protected] or call 0417 806 336.
Refreshments provided. No cost.

TAS – Hobart
Sunday 31st July, 10.00am to 2.00pm
Sahaja Yoga Meditation Centre
85 Tanundal Street
Howrah, Hobart
To book for Hobart, contact: [email protected] or call 03 6245 1476.
Lunch provided. No cost.

VIC – Melbourne
Saturday 30th July, 11.00am to 4.00pm
Sahaja Yoga Meditation Centre
229 Warrigal Road,
Cheltenham, Melbourne
To book for Melbourne, contact [email protected] or call (03) 9585 1208.
Lunch provided. $10 donation per person (see below under Costs**).

WA – Gidgegannup
Sunday 30th July, 3.00pm to 5.00pm Sahaja Yoga Meditation Gidgegannup Centre
1216 O’Brien Rd, Gidgegannup (40kms NE of Perth)
To book for Gidgegannup, contact: 1300 724 252
Lunch provided. No cost.

**Costs: Our workshops are provided free by experienced volunteers, as a non-profit community service. The larger Melbourne and Sydney venues accept a $10 donation at the door towards venue hire, refreshments, workshop materials, equipment hire and upkeep.

For more information about the workshops go to

Can’t make our workshop? Free weekly meditation classes are also available around Australia. To find a class near you go to

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