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A Cultural Evening of Meditation, Music and Dance will be held at Richmond near Sydney. The program will include meditation through realisation, a recorded talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (the founder of Sahaja Yoga), a performance by the world music group, “Music of Joy”, and a special dance performance by Sandeep Bodhanker and students.

Please come along and enjoy a wonderful evening of music, dance and joyful meditation.

Date:  Saturday 6 October 2007

Time:  7.00 pm

Venue:  Richmond School of Arts (opposite library)
Corner March and West Market Sts

UluruAustralia is very far off. But this is the land which is the land of purity. This is the land in the universe, is the first centre that you see there, and Uluru that you have – Uluru means, as I told you, is the Chaitanya, is the symbol of that purity. So you stand for the innocence of the world. You are such a great nation here that stands for the innocence … so you have to be careful and understand your own identity as innocent people. And I am sure it will work out very well for all of you. And this country which has many problems will be solved by your own purity, and the whole world can be helped with your own purity and beautiful lives. May God bless you.

Shri Mataji, Sydney, 1990

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