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gemischtI was looking for a way to manage stress (emotional, mental or physical) and this led me to Sahaja Yoga meditation which provided an easy technique that could be practised whenever I liked. “Simple” and “effortless” are the two qualities that make this a unique method of achieving mental stillness, or a state of thoughtless awareness, or silence, or peace – basically, the state of meditation.

Like me, there are people in over ninety countries enjoying the benefits of Sahaja Yoga meditation today. And here is an opportunity (which is always free of charge) suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds to do the same. People who have jobs, families, day-to-day activities to deal with, people like me who have practised this meditation for several years, run these classes voluntarily to help the community.

The principles and basics will be explained. So there is no need to worry if you are new to meditation. The programs run for about an hour and the starting time is 7:30pm every Wednesday. People are free to join at any time. Please feel free to attend any of the classes, and we would love to hear how your experience was.

Time:  Wednesdays, 7:30 pm

Venue:   Lidcombe Community Centre, 3 Bridge St (underneath Lidcombe library), Lidcombe, NSW 

For further details:  Phone 0425 261 119 or 0403 754 773

Nitin Gupta

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