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Silence Your Mind

"Silence Your Mind" by Dr Ramesh Manocha

“Silence Your Mind”
by Dr Ramesh Manocha

A new book by Dr Ramesh Manocha, called “Silence Your Mind”, provides simple techniques for stopping incessant thoughts that may be interfering with your happiness and general functioning in life. Dr Manocha shares his own personal experiences that led to his interest in Sahaja Yoga meditation as a means of stilling the mind and experiencing the peace that comes when “mind chatter” stops and thoughtless awareness begins.

A leading researcher in the field of meditation and health, Dr Manocha explains in simple and very interesting terms the research that he has undertaken to study the effects of Sahaja Yoga meditation on medical conditions. These include epilepsy, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, menopausal symptoms and asthma.The book provides simple, easy-to-follow techniques to assist in silencing the mind and achieving peace of mind.

The book is available at book stores in Australia and as a Kindle e-book from Amazon. Click here for details.


(Manocha, Ramesh. Silence Your Mind. Sydney: Hatchette Australia, 2013.)

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