The instrument of our enlightenment is framed on a structure of three main channels or nadis (shown in the figure by Roman numerals). These subtle channels are placed within the spine and find their expression in the autonomic nervous system which comprises the left and right sympathetic nervous systems and the central parasympathetic nervous system. The central nervous system represents the consciousness we have achieved in our evolution up to human awareness. Sahaja Yoga now enlightens the central nervous system with the awareness of our spirit. Thus through this system we can actually feel our spirit manifesting itself to us as vibrations.

The three subtle channels called Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, are placed in series creating energy centres known as chakras (1 – 7). These chakras govern all aspects of our being and supply energy to all our needs and functions. We are truly made, as the Bible says, in God’s image.

Kundalini resides at the base of the instrument in three-and-a-half coils (‘kundala’ means ‘coils’) in the Mooladhara, which is inside the triangular bone at the base of the spine. When awakened, the Kundalini can be seen pulsating inside this bone, the sacrum, and also as it moves up the spinal chord.

This divine energy is the motive force of our enlightenment, carrying our attention to the highest level of realisation. Then like our own in-built archive, she records and stores every detail of our previous existence. She has her own supreme intelligence, and works for you in the best possible way, with extreme loving care.

Kundalini awakening is often said to be very dangerous, accompanied by tremendous heat and pain. Such is the discovery of those who have experimented in a recklessly naive or unauthorised manner, and particularly when they have tried to associate her awakening with sex. In such cases, the chakra which guards the innocence of Kundalini, the Mooladhara Chakra, acts against this violation by generating waves of heat. The confused pioneer may also experience fits and seizures where he loses control of body and mind. He may jump and howl for no apparent reason. He may experience hallucinations. In the bliss of his ignorance, he associates the warning signals with Kundalini awakening itself, and believes himself to have undergone a profound experience of enlightenment!

The face of such a person shows all the anguish he is going through. After genuine self-realisation, the face becomes radiant. You look much younger, the body becomes more active and well-proportioned. The whole personality becomes beautiful and magnetic. As priorities change, you assume a dignified and glorious attitude to life.

Kundalini is absolutely pure. She knows us inside and out and will only rise in one whose desire is fixed in bathing in that same purity. It is true that her first awakening can be very dramatic; people have felt the crowns of their heads melting like ice, and wave after wave of cool vibrations cascading over their being, their hearts flooded with joy, but where the instrument is very clear, as in children, little is actually felt, they just become that bliss and purity. And where there are obstructions, Kundalini is gentle and soothing You may feel some heat or tingling, but only enough to indicate the problem. As Her Holiness Shri Mataji says, ‘She is your loving mother. You are Her only child. Will she ever hurt you or burn you ? She just indicates.’

Kundalini is a healing power. As a by-product of our realisation (yoga), we receive our well-being (kshema) and are able, with her help, to establish the same in others. Most illnesses are the result of damage to the chakras. Kundalini repairs them naturally, from inside. And so although the fruits of her silent industry are quite miraculous, there is no suggestion of miracle cures in Sahaja Yoga. Unfamiliar to many she may be, but Kundalini is a natural force, and it is her nature to repair what is broken and re-unite it to the whole.

Disease occurs when the subtle qualities of the chakras are neglected or denied. The relevant chakra then becomes defective. They may also be drained in the event of an emergency in a particular chakra, a shock for instance, or a fall or severe emotional trial. In such cases, the sympathetic nervous system puts great demands on the chakras. When such over-activity drains a chakra completely, that part of the body which falls within its sphere is no longer connected with the central path which caters to the whole. The cells in that area are now on their own. In the absence of the supreme control of the organising agent, the cells’ growth becomes malignant and they re-create themselves at random, without proportion to the whole. Now we can understand why cancer develops and why cancer can only be cured through Sahaja Yoga. Only by awakening the damaged chakra, through the healing power of Kundalini can the chakra be restored to health and again bring the rampant cells under control.

First we find the damaged chakra through vibratory awareness; we can feel all the chakras on our fingers. Then we take the necessary steps, directing Kundalini to the relevant centres, supplying vibrations to the affected area and so on. With the help of Kundalini, by awakening, directing and balancing the energy, most diseases can be cured, once and for all.

She is the power that bestows all of these blessings upon you, and her power in you is in direct proportion to your pure desire for her. H.H. Shri Mataji says, ‘Kundalini is the desire of God. It is not the desire for God, it is the desire of God himself within you. So it can only be awakened by that desire itself. It is the desire of God within you that is being placed, and the desire of God is the Shakti. And the desire of God is that He loves you.’ So do not condemn or destroy yourself or others. Keep in the centre (moderation) and respect your sustenance (dharma). The desire of God is to bestow the Kingdom of God upon you. He will have to do the job if He has to give meaning to his creation. Only thing you do is not to ruin your being by extreme behaviour.’